Growing Use of Extruded Aluminum in the Construction Industry

extruded aluminum construction industryWhen many people think about aluminum, they instantly picture beverage cans made of rolled sheet metal aluminum that can be easily crushed for recycling when drained. However, there is much more to aluminum, especially when a process like extrusion and fabrication are used to create parts, components, and products for various industries. The construction industry is just one example of how standard and custom aluminum extrusions are being used more to create strong, durable, and long-lasting projects for both industrial and consumer needs. Custom aluminum coating solutions can be used to increase durability and protection from corrosion, as well as adding aesthetic and functional features. Extruded aluminum offers many advantages to the construction industry due to the nature of the extrusion process and the qualities of the metal material itself.

Creating Versatile Products

Extruded aluminum products are extremely versatile. They can be used across nearly every industry in the world and offer benefits in both application and production. At Silver City Aluminum, we manufacture standard and custom aluminum extrusions using a hot process, but some facilities use a cold process to create the desired shapes. Aluminum itself is quite malleable, which is why certain alloys are used in extrusion and fabrication to provide the required strength and other unique characteristics. Different types of construction can benefit from extruded aluminum, including the construction of consumer goods, transportation accessories, and even major building designs. Studies show that millions of tons of extruded aluminum are now used nationwide to create high profile projects across some of the largest cities in America.

One of the reasons why extrusion and fabrication of aluminum are important to design for construction projects is the natural abilities of the aluminum itself. Extruded aluminum profiles are improved thermally, providing greater ability to conduct heat and electricity at a rate that is even greater than copper, yet at a significantly lower cost. Custom aluminum extrusions can also be used to help create a specific style of architecture, offering great strength and support for structural designs without the weight of steel or iron. Extruded aluminum can be used for exterior construction and interior design for things like stairwells, railings, elevator shafts, lighting fixtures, and works with many building systems, including HVAC, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and others.

Sustainable Aluminum Products

Another reason why many in the construction industry are choosing aluminum extrusion and fabrication is that aluminum is a very sustainable material. It is extremely plentiful, highly recyclable, and is very friendly to the environment. Many architects and designers are choosing to use standard and custom aluminum extrusions as part of efforts to achieve LEED certificate status for new construction and renovation design. Aluminum can be recycled over and over again without losing any of its inherent qualities, providing quality results that offer substantial benefits compared to other similar metals. The high strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum makes it an excellent choice for things like commercial, industrial, and residential construction, as well as in development for aerospace, military and defense, marine, and transportation industries.

Aluminum extrusion can be used to create complex shapes in long, continuous pieces that can be cut according to the client’s requirements. The methods used for making extruded aluminum are also environmentally-friendly, particularly at Silver City Aluminum, where we use 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum billet and pre-cut materials based on the size of the customer’s profile. A variety of standard, stock shapes can also be used in addition to custom design. However, we find that many custom designs help the client to save time and money while creating a more beneficial product that they can use to expedite construction without compromising quality. Each order that we fill is unique, and we work with each customer to ensure that we are designing and manufacturing aluminum parts, components, and products according to the intended end use of the finished piece. Adding custom aluminum coating solutions, applying secondary operations, and offering extra services can help to achieve those goals.

Quality Control Every Step of the Way

One of the many reasons why our clients choose to work with Silver City Aluminum over other manufacturers is our commitment to quality control. Every component in our extrusion system is top of the line and fully integrated and automated for consistent and quality results. We provide quality control checks throughout the entire process, monitoring everything from the rate of speed to machine function to ensure dependable processes for our customers. Even our custom aluminum coating solutions are monitored, inspected, and taken off the line one at a time by hand before they go to our shipping department. They are inspected again at the shipping department before they are processed for delivery to ensure quality control and consistency with every product that we fabricate at Silver City Aluminum.

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