Choose the Best Manufacturer for Quality Aluminum Products

aluminum extrusion manufacturerWhether you are just launching a brand new business or creating an innovative product line, it is essential to find the right manufacturer based on your needs. Unless you have access to your own machine shop and can make it yourself, you’ll want to find a reputable one-stop extrusion and fabrication facility that can handle the work that you require for quality aluminum products. Partnering with an extrusion specialist can help you to realize your ideas, achieve your goals, and keep your budget in check. You don’t want to invest in a lot of high-value equipment if you aren’t sure how much you will actually use it. Custom extrusion design can also save you in the long run for things like post extrusion operations and fabrication, reduce your lead times, and ultimately lower costs for a completed part, component, or product.

Why Choose a One-Stop-Shop

Silver City Aluminum provides a comprehensive array of services designed to help you get the aluminum products you need for your business. We are what is known in the industry as a one-stop-shop. What that means is that we do everything in-house at our facility to maintain the highest level of quality control, reduce costs for our customers, and improve lead times considerably. We do standard and custom extrusion design, offering a wide range of stock profiles to choose from and providing assistance in the development of dies for the best possible results. We even offer custom coating solutions to improve aesthetics, offer additional functions, and provide long-lasting protection, based on the intended use of the finished aluminum products.

When you trust your manufacturing needs for our one-stop extrusion and fabrication service, you can rest assured that you will get quality results in a timely and efficient manner. The sooner we can start working with you in the early phases of product development, the better we will be able to help you to make choices that will provide you with the best results. Our team of engineers and technicians have many years of experience working with clients to create custom extrusion design and develop solutions for quality manufacturing. Because we do everything in-house, we can assure control measures throughout every phase of the process, from the initial profile design to extrusion, post extrusion operations, finishing solutions, and shipping. Our standard lead time beats the average industry standard significantly. Speak with one of our agents for more details regarding this substantial benefit to working with Silver City Aluminum.

Manufacturing in the USA

While you might be able to save a bit of money by working with aluminum products from outside the country, there are definite benefits to working with a US-based manufacturer. For many industries and consumer demographics, products that are manufactured in the United States are considered to be more valuable, trustworthy, and respected than others. When you keep your production in the country, you support our national economy and provide yourself with the opportunity to work more closely with the facility and gain better control over the quality of the end product. Removing obstacles like customs, long distances, and increased lead times can help you to design and develop a better product and get it to your target audience in much less time.

Silver City Aluminum has earned a solid reputation for our one-stop extrusion and fabrication business. Whether you want standard or custom extrusion design, require post extrusion operations, or need custom finishing solutions, we can help you to achieve your goals. We consider the intended use of the item when developing our high-quality aluminum products. That means not just whether the user will be a consumer, commercial client, or industrial business, but also where, when, and how the products will be used. The surrounding environment, including any extreme temperatures and conditions, must be considered in order to develop a truly efficient and effective end result. Many overseas manufacturers don’t take the interest or time to concern themselves with this type of project development, ultimately costing their clients significantly in modifications or changes to be made later.

What to Look for in a Manufacturer

As you start checking out your options, make sure to find a manufacturer that can deliver results based on your requirements or industry demands. Choose a provider that has demonstrated a history of quality production, years of experience, and knowledge of your specific product or industry. The company should adhere to and embrace high-quality standards and have the capability necessary to get the job done right. A proven track record and solid reputation within the industry among consumers and similar manufacturers are helpful as well. If you can partner with a company that will offer you the opportunity to develop a cohesive and mutually beneficial relationship for custom extrusion design, you will get the best results. Ready to get started? Contact Silver City Aluminum to find out if our experience, commitment to quality control, and adherence to industry standards is right for you. Call our team at 508-824-8631 and speak with one of our agents about your needs.