Aluminum Extrusion Design and Alloys for Aerospace Industry

aerospace aluminum extrusionThere are many different industries that rely heavily on the advantages of aluminum alloy extrusion to create better products that are stronger, more durable, efficient, and effective than similar items that use other materials. Two industries that have recently increased their use of aluminum extrusion design include the aircraft and aerospace industries. While both have long relied upon the use of aluminum alloys for the production of airplanes and spacecraft, innovations depend even more on using the best aluminum alloys for extrusion. Commercial airplanes, space shuttles, military and defense planes, and other flight vessels rely on aluminum extrusion for the aerospace industry and aircraft production to create everything from parts, components, and products for wings, fuselages, and even structural construction and engineering.

Why Choose Aluminum Alloy?

There are certain advantages of aluminum alloy that benefit the aerospace industry as well as other types of transportation. The high strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum means that structures can be created that has the strength of steel at approximately one-third the weight, helping to increase fuel economy and create more efficient machinery. Aluminum alloys are also used to deal with the sub-zero conditions that occur in the vacuum of space, as well as for airplanes that fly at high elevations. Other alloys can be used that help to increase protection, offering increased durability in environments where corrosion is of chief concern. Working with the engineers to find the best aluminum alloys for extrusion can help to create better products that can benefit from the inherent characteristics of the particular alloy.

Some of the different alloys used in manufacturing include the 2000-series, which is used in things like fuselages and the construction of wings where high-tension is a requirement; the 5000-series, which offers excellent flexibility and has a high resistance to saltwater corrosion; and the 6000-series, which is the most common type used in aluminum extrusion design. It can be used for things like wings and fuselages, plus it has excellent resistance to corrosion and has a valuable high strength-to-weight ratio that is perfect for these types of applications. Other aluminum alloys used in aerospace include the 7000-series, which is one of the strongest alloys used today, and the 1000-series, which has a highly effective heat transfer quality.

Extrusions Used in Aerospace Engineering

While there are many advantages of aluminum alloy being used in aerospace and airplane engineering, there are also a great deal of standard or stock shapes being used in addition to custom aluminum extrusion design. At Silver City Aluminum, our primary focus is on creating the profiles and products that our clients require to meet the demands of aluminum extrusion for aerospace industry purposes. We work with a wide range of extruded shapes and tubes, depending greatly on our many years of experience serving clients across many different industries. We help our clients to design profiles that improve results and increase corrosion resistance based upon the intended use of the product.

Our team can assist with things like tolerance, forming, heat treating, custom finishing solutions, and post extrusion operations that can make the part, component, or completed product even more effective and beneficial. Our lead times are some of the best in the industry, and we have the capability of running special production options for our customers in emergencies. To learn more about our stock and custom aluminum extrusion designs, as well as the best aluminum alloys for extrusion in the aerospace and airplane production industries, speak with one of our engineers. We can answer any questions that you might have about aluminum extrusion for aerospace industry design and assist you with support and services for new product development.

We Provide the Edge You Need to Succeed

When you work with Silver City Aluminum for aluminum extrusion design and manufacturing, we help you to maximize the advantages of aluminum alloy production. Our team can help you to get an edge over your competitors, assist you in getting all of the custom products, parts, and materials you need while ensuring the shortest lead time you can find anywhere in the northeastern region. Our customer service agents can help you get started, or you can speak with one of our experienced technicians to discuss your needs. We can help you pick the best aluminum alloys for extrusion and assist you in placing your first order with our facility. Give us a call at 508-824-8631 to learn more about our standard and custom aluminum extrusion services.