Custom Designing of Profiles for Automotive Industry Aluminum

automotive industry aluminumWhile aluminum extrusion profiles are used across just about every industry, one of the types of manufacturing that have benefited dramatically from custom aluminum products is the automotive industry. With added pressure from consumers and government regulations regarding improved fuel economy, many manufacturers are seeking to find new ways to make significant changes while maintaining safety and quality control. Automotive industry aluminum is just one way that these automotive companies are achieving their goals. The high strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum extrusion design makes it very attractive for consumer vehicles and commercial or industrial transportation. There are many reasons to choose to work with aluminum extrusion, especially concerning the automotive industry.

Building Better Vehicles

While aluminum is still second to steel in automotive manufacturing, it has steadily grown in recent years. The increased use of aluminum in vehicle design for consumer and commercial transportation is a direct result of the benefits associated with using custom aluminum products. Aluminum industry profiles are environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, can increase performance, boost fuel economy, and reduce emissions. Aluminum extrusion profiles are designed to be durable, providing long-lasting life, and maintain or improve safety. From mass-market vehicles from leading auto manufacturers to luxury productions, aluminum has become the material of choice for many automakers.

This increased use of automotive industry aluminum is not just a recent event. In fact, for more than 40 years, automotive aluminum use has grown continuously. One of the clear advantages is the eco-friendly benefits of aluminum. Environmental studies reveal that more than 90 percent of the aluminum used in the manufacture of modern vehicles is recycled. Coming in at one-third the weight of steel, aluminum alloy parts and components can significantly improve fuel economy, helping manufacturers to achieve government-imposed regulations and save consumers from skyrocketing gas prices. There are many more benefits associated with using aluminum extrusion design that further benefit automakers.

Other Benefits of Aluminum

Industry testing shows that aluminum can absorb twice the crash energy of mild steel, which is commonly used in automotive manufacturing. Pound for pound, even larger crush zones, can be designed using aluminum extrusion profiles and other types of aluminum manufacturing without increasing the weight of the vehicle. This can help designers to increase dent resistance, creating better quality cars that will perform better, provide improved safety, and last longer without needing to be replaced. The body panels can be thicker while still reducing the overall weight of the vehicle compared to steel parts. Lower weight vehicles are safer because they handle easier and brake better than heavier models.

Aluminum is also malleable and easy to extrude into complex shapes without losing any of its inherent qualities. Naturally resistant to corrosion, aluminum is also an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Aluminum products can be recycled over and over, maintaining all of their beneficial features. Thanks to massive global recycling campaigns, aluminum is one of the most recycled metals on the planet. More than 90 percent of all aluminum is recovered and recycled at the end-of-life for automotive vehicles and other consumer or commercial products. Aluminum has become the clear choice for today’s automakers who are working hard to design modern vehicles that can achieve all industry and government regulations, while still appealing to consumer demand.

A History of Aluminum in the Automotive Industry

While recent growth has caught the attention of many manufacturers and consumers alike, this is not the first time that aluminum has been used to the benefit of the automotive industry. Beginning in 1899, automotive industry aluminum was used to create an aluminum body in the first sports car that was revealed at the Berlin International Motor Show. Carl Benz developed an engine that included aluminum parts just a few years later. However, it wasn’t until the 1960s that aluminum started to be used in mass-produced vehicles when the Land Rover company began producing aluminum cylinders for V-8 engine blocks. Other manufacturers took notice, and aluminum extrusion profiles, parts, and components became more widespread in their use.

Silver City Aluminum takes pride in providing our clients with top-quality standard and custom aluminum products. We have worked with many manufacturers to create automotive industry aluminum, including cost-effective collars that are an effective and durable alternative to more expensive steel products. Our team of highly trained and experienced designers, engineers, and technicians work with each client to create aluminum extrusion design solutions that are specific to their unique needs and requirements. If you would like to learn more about our services and aluminum extrusion profiles, contact our team directly by calling 508-824-8631.