Aluminum Extrusion Solutions for Use in Extreme Environments

aluminum extrusion extreme environmentsThe more you learn about the benefits of aluminum products, the easier it is to understand why it is used across just about every industry in the world. Aluminum itself is remarkable, but when it is used to create custom or standard aluminum extrusions, it achieves a whole new level of excellence. The combination of natural qualities and techniques used by the aluminum extrusion industry makes it the perfect choice for many different applications. A natural layer of transparent oxide forms on the surface of the metal when it is exposed to the air, offering a corrosion-resistant barrier. Whenever the metal is cut, scratched, or damaged in any way, the layer will instantly re-form to provide further protection.

In most situations, no additional surface treatments are needed to ensure that aluminum extrusion solutions provide long-lasting, durable benefits to the end-user. The natural oxide layer is usually enough. However, extreme environments and conditions may require a bit of something extra. The finish used can also enhance the appearance and function of the extrusion, adding color, texture, or shine. It is essential to work with a professional team to choose the best aluminum alloy, manufacturing method, secondary operations, and finishing solutions to maximize results. The wrong finish could work against the manufacturer, increasing corrosion or hindering structural strength, depending on the choices that are made.

Protecting Aluminum from the Environment

Where, how, and why a finished product is being used will impact the level of protection required to maintain the integrity and value of the item. The industry that is served and the location of the end-user will also play an essential role in the design and creation of the custom or standard aluminum extrusions. While the natural oxide film will provide excellent protection from corrosion in most environments, any extreme variations must be considered in order to ensure the best possible results. Working with a highly trained and experienced team of designers and engineers at Silver City Aluminum can help you to overcome many of the issues that other manufacturers may experience if they don’t adjust their designs, alloy selection, and finishing choices accordingly.

Some of the extreme environment variations to consider include:

  • high humidity or moisture
  • temperature – both extremely hot and extremely cold
  • ocean or saltwater environments
  • highly abraisve surroundings
  • exposure to chemicals
  • repetitive industrial use
  • underground – directly in contact with dirt, rock, or soil

Other Reasons to Protect Aluminum Extrusion Solutions

In addition to including a method of protection – either through design, secondary operations, or surface finishing, there are other reasons why a manufacturer or designer might want to protect the custom or standard aluminum extrusions. One of the most common reasons would be to increase the durability and longevity of the finished product. The lifespan of the item could be hindered by any of the environmental concerns listed above or simply through normal intended use. Preparing the metal through finishing solutions such as anodizing, powder-coating, and painting, can enhance the natural protection and increase the longevity of the product itself.

Some designers choose to use a specific finishing solution and various custom techniques to improve the appearance or function of the piece. The aluminum extrusion industry utilizes many unique technologies, methods, and tools to increase the benefits of aluminum products. At Silver City Aluminum, we use state-of-the-art technology to provide unmatched quality control throughout the entire process, from the initial development of the custom profile for each client based on the intended use of the product, all the way through extrusion, fabrication, finishing, and shipping. We understand that the reputation of your brand relies on having top quality aluminum extrusion solutions, regardless of the size of the part or component that we create.

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