Save Time and Money Using Custom Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

custom aluminum extrusion for industryThere are many advantages associated with creating custom shapes and profiles for custom aluminum extrusion. However, two of the most significant benefits that are provided to today’s manufacturers across nearly every industry include the ability to save time and money. Working with the right service provider is essential. You want to find a company that won’t just offer extruded aluminum services, but also complete engineering and design support for custom aluminum extrusion profiles, along with any secondary or post-extrusion operations, finishing, assembly, and professional shipping solutions as well.

Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers, designers, and technicians understand the needs of our customers. We partner with them to create solutions for electronics, consumer goods, aeronautics, aviation, transportation, marine, construction, and automotive industry aluminum parts, products, and components, as well as many other industries. Silver City Aluminum is located in Southeastern Massachusetts, but we serve clients throughout the New England region, across the country, and even around the globe. Our one-stop extrusion and fabrication shop provides all of the services you require under one roof, offering better lead times, improved quality control, and the ability to save time and money.

The Secret is in the Design

One of the ways that we save our clients time and money is by working with the latest CAD/CAM engineering software to help them to develop profiles for custom aluminum extrusion. This software allows for design changes to be made quickly, adjusting to changing needs or accommodating evolving hardware for today’s fast-paced development and production industries. These changes can make the process of extrusion more effective and efficient, further improve lead times, and create better quality results. Design problems can be overcome in real-time to catch and address issues before they damage a company’s brand.

We do everything on-site at our Massachusetts facility. Our engineering team partners with our clients to create the profile design. We fabricate the dies on-site and perform all extrusion using our state-of-the-art equipment and machinery. Our team of technicians provides all required post-extrusion, secondary operations, and custom finishing solutions on-site, including powder-coating, anodizing, and professional painting. We do all of this in-house without sending a single part out to a vendor so we can maintain consistent quality control and ensure customer satisfaction every step of the way.

Quality Aluminum Billet

Another way that we help our clients to create top quality extruded aluminum is by using quality aluminum billet. We purchase our materials from several different suppliers to ensure the best possible results for our customers. The aluminum that we use is made of 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum to support sustainability requirements and guarantee high-quality results for our aluminum extrusion profiles. We take it a step further and pre-cut the billets when we receive them from our suppliers. They arrive in long lengths, but we cut the seven-inch diameter pieces of raw aluminum billet into custom sizes, according to the length and weight of the client’s profile. This approach helps to minimize scrap and reduce costs.

We use a proprietary temperature and extrusion process in our custom ovens to pre-heat the aluminum before it reaches the extrusion press. The metal is pushed at approximately 10 million pounds of pressure through the steel profile or die to create the desired shape. The aluminum is moved to our 160-foot tables, where it is slightly cooled and then stretched into the perfect dimension while still warm through the use of opposing stretchers. We cut the metal according to the client’s specifications and then heat-treat it to harden the metal to its maximum capacity. We use a variety of quality control technology and measures throughout the process to ensure complete customer satisfaction and consistency.

Choose a Team of Professionals

The best way to maximize the benefits of custom designing your own aluminum extrusion profiles for industry is to work with a team of professionals. At Silver City Aluminum, we have many years of experience working with a wide range of clients, including creating solutions for automotive industry aluminum. We can answer any questions you might have about the advantages of using custom extruded aluminum when you contact our team by calling 508-824-8631. You can also use our online CONTACT form to reach out to a team member or start placing your order for custom aluminum extrusion.