The Future of Aluminum Extrusion and Value in Manufacturing

future of aluminum extrusionThere are many reasons why aluminum industry solutions are growing in popularity. The inherent qualities of the metal itself play a role; however, the extrusion process and advantages associated with it are also essential to its continued success. The future of aluminum extrusion is exceptionally positive, as more manufacturers jump on board to take advantage of aluminum benefits for industry. Some recent examples of successes experienced with custom aluminum extrusion include improved fuel economy for the transportation industry and aluminum advantages for aerospace, construction, and equipment manufacturing. The demand for aluminum products has helped to push this growth, but the expansion of new markets, availability of other raw materials, and increased costs in manufacturing have helped as well.

The Unique Properties of Aluminum

One of the most significant driving forces behind the growth of aluminum industry solutions is the unique properties of the metal itself. The high strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum makes it attractive to those in the public transportation, trucking, and consumer automotive industries, but also for manufacturers in other types of businesses as well. The durability and resistance to corrosion found naturally in aluminum has made it an ideal choice for extreme environments, including marine, construction, infrastructure, and aerospace, just to name a few. An excellent conductor of heat and electricity, aluminum is frequently replacing more costly copper in many essential applications for electronics, utility, and energy industries.

When it comes to the raw materials needed to create aluminum billets for extrusion, aluminum is the most plentiful metal on the planet. The cost and energy requirements for mining and refining these raw materials are more efficient than for other metals; however, the ability of aluminum to be recycled and reused over and over again without losing any of its inherent qualities makes it even more attractive. This not only reduces costs in manufacturing, allowing companies to minimize waste and use recycled materials, but it also makes the future of aluminum extrusion possible by ensuring that aluminum will always be available. There are many aluminum benefits for industry, first and foremost being the unique properties of this very fantastic metal.

Increased Demand for Aluminum

Due in part to consumer awareness programs about aluminum recycling, including payment for recycling aluminum cans and other common product packaging, the demand for items made with aluminum has increased. The growth in aluminum industry solutions can be seen most significantly in the past 30 years when demand more than doubled in the 1990s. Concerns for energy consumption, environmentally-friendly solutions, and lowering a company’s overall carbon footprint have also helped to drive the future of aluminum extrusion. Extrusion itself is extremely beneficial to manufacturing, allowing companies to streamline the production of parts and components, improving lead times, and eliminating the need for many secondary operations to reduce cost.

The transportation industry and aluminum used in construction are not the only examples of increased use of aluminum industry solutions in manufacturing. The marine industry, consumer goods, household furniture, modular workstations for commercial businesses, industrial manufacturing components, electronics, robotics, aerospace, and many other sectors have also benefited as well. The aluminum benefits for industry appear to be endless, as many designers and engineers continue to find new ways to take advantage of the inherent qualities of this incredibly versatile metal. Aluminum products will work to provide benefits to current, and future generations of consumers and manufacturers as new developments continue to rely heavily on the use of standard and custom aluminum extrusion.

A Growing Global Market

While demand for aluminum industry solutions has grown and continues to expand here in the United States, it has also increased worldwide. The International Aluminum Institute has predicted that the global primary aluminum production will exceed 70 million tonnes each year by 2020, with more than 60 percent being produced and consumed in China. Other countries that are increasing demand and expanding markets for the future of aluminum extrusion and applications include India, Brazil, Russia, South East Asia, and various regions within Africa. As more businesses and designers embrace aluminum benefits for industry, this number could continue to grow beyond expectations.

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