Modern Innovation: Aluminum Extrusion Solutions for Industry

modern solutions for manufacturing industryWhile just about every kind of manufacturing industry uses aluminum in some way, shape, or form, some industries have found new ways to use it to their advantage. From traditional aluminum frames to extrusion solutions for the automotive industry, even some of the most standard uses for aluminum extrusion have evolved to provide new benefits for manufacturers and their intended end-users. Silver City Aluminum provides services for clients in the New England marine industry, has worked with clients to develop innovative designs for track and LED lighting, and has created profiles that offer unique transportation industry advantages.

Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers can help you to get an edge over your competitors by assisting you in getting all of the custom products, parts, and materials that you need with shorter lead times than you will find anywhere else. We are dedicated to providing the absolute best standards of quality control and service to every client that we serve. Our goal is to provide a superior custom aluminum product that will exceed expectations. The key to our success is in our ability to focus on the application of the product and consider all of the specifics surrounding its intended use. Our many years working in the custom aluminum extrusion industry have helped us to go above and beyond, providing our clients with exceptional results.

Step One: Product Development

Perhaps the most essential step in the entire process is the development phase. We have learned that the sooner we can begin working with the client in the process of product development, the more we will be able to help them to create a finished design that will meet their demands. We take pride in our ability to get fully involved in the design process for every customer that we serve. Early development support provides us with the means to improve quality control and ensure customer satisfaction.

Step Two: Custom Design for Industry

The unique designs that we can produce for custom profiles or dies to be used in the manufacture of parts, products, and components for our clients are also of the highest quality. Whether the client needs extrusion solutions for automotive industry purposes or advanced options for traditional aluminum frames to use in residential construction, we can rise to the occasion and offer professional results. Our skills and experience in aluminum extrusion are a real asset to our clients, providing inside information on the best way to use the material to their advantage. We can assist in reducing corrosion, even in hostile environments through better design and offer new ways to cut costs without compromising quality.

Step Three: Extrusion

Whether the client chooses a standard or custom profile, this next phase is pretty much the same. We purchase our aluminum billet from several different suppliers, which is made from 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum. We cut the billet according to the length and weight of the desired profile to reduce waste and minimize scrap. We pre-heat the materials and then push the metal at approximately ten million pounds of pressure through the steel profile to create the desired shape. We cool the finished product, stretching the extruded metal to the perfect dimension while it is still warm through the use of opposing stretchers. The metal is then cut according to the client’s requirements and is then heat-treated to harden the aluminum to its maximum capacity.

Step Four: Fabrication

Any additional work, such as CNC fabrication or secondary operations, are then performed at our facility. We do everything in-house rather than sending it off to a third-party vendor. This helps us to ensure quality control, consistency, and efficiency throughout the entire process. We are able to offer a quick turn around for clients in the New England marine industry or automotive manufacturers who are seeking to gain transportation industry advantages with their new designs. You can see a full list of our capabilities and state-of-the-art technology and machinery on our website. We also offer other services as a standard part of the process that other manufacturers do not. For example, de-burring is provided for all fabricated parts to ensure quality control and customer satisfaction.

Step Five: Custom Finishing Solutions

Silver City Aluminum also offers complete finishing options to our customers, including high-quality paint line services, powder-coating, and anodizing. Our paint line runs almost non-stop and, similar to our extrusion work, we go above and beyond the industry standard to ensure the best possible adhesion and aesthetic results. We work with several different powder coaters and anodizers to provide our clients with a finish that offers all of the function and aesthetics that they require. We have an unlimited array of colors and options for paint, powder-coating, and anodizing to best meet the needs of our customers.

Industry Solutions at Silver City Aluminum

If you are ready to learn more about our services or place an order for traditional aluminum frames, standard profiles, or custom aluminum extrusion, give us a call at 508-542-7200. We can answer any questions that you might have and offer extrusion solutions for automotive industry, the New England marine industry, construction and architecture clients, as well as just about any other industry that depends on high-quality aluminum extrusion manufacturing.