Advantages of One Stop Shop Fabrication & Aluminum Extrusion

one stop shop aluminum extrusion and fabricationThe cost for metal manufacturing can be significantly reduced, while also decreasing the lead time for custom aluminum extrusion when working with a one stop shop fabrication facility. Silver City Aluminum offers a wide range of aluminum extrusion services, including fabrication, secondary operations, and even custom aluminum coating solutions. There are several reasons why we prefer to do it all in-house as a single line of responsibility. However, the most important is having the ability to ensure quality control standards across the board above and beyond anything we could provide if we were to outsource specialized services to third-party vendors.

More Efficient From Start to Finish

Whether you require standard rod and bar aluminum or a custom aluminum extrusion designed specifically for a product or industry, our team can help you to achieve your goals. What’s more, we can also ensure that the entire process is efficient from beginning to end. At our one stop shop fabrication, extrusion, and finishing facility, we work with our clients early on in the development phase to ensure complete satisfaction with the finished product. Our team offers several different points of inspection and quality control throughout every step to make sure that our parts, products, and components meet or exceed expectation.

As manufacturers become concerned with increases in material costs and concerns about consumer or end-user pricing, we are seeing more clients who appreciate the value that comes from our one stop shop operation. Our process helps to reduce lead times, minimize the supply chain, lower shipping costs, and offer increased value to our clients. Cost-saving and time-saving benefits are just part of the advantages when you work with a single supply source like Silver City Aluminum for your custom aluminum extrusion. High quality, on-time delivery of parts and components, as well as specialized services that might not be available from third-party vendors, provide layers of perks for our clients.

Value-Added Engineering

The years of experience, training, and knowledge that our engineers and technicians bring to each project are part of what allows us to offer precision parts at competitive prices. There aren’t many custom aluminum extrusion shops that can deliver the high level of quality that we are able to offer at Silver City Aluminum. Our high standard of excellence drives us to continue growing in our knowledge, adding increased value to our offerings, and ensure that our state-of-the-art equipment and facility stays ahead of the curve.

By offering additional fabrication, finishing, assembly, and other options at our facility, we are able to increase the value without adding to the price. From the initial prototype design, all the way through production, our one stop shop fabrication and extrusion facility works with each client to improve the manufacturability and consistency of each order we fill through the professional services that we provide. We constantly review the performance of each stage of the process, monitor our machines through PLC control technology to ensure the proper extrusion recipe, rate of speed, and other essential functions for dependable and consistent quality control.

Optimized Extrusion Design

While we do provide a lot of standard shapes, including rod and bar aluminum, Silver City Aluminum is best known for our custom aluminum extrusion. When high-quality results are required, and aesthetics are just as important as strength and durability, our custom aluminum coating solutions come into play. We work with each client to optimize the design of every profile that we create to ensure that they get the results that they desire. We don’t just take into account the design of the extrusion itself, but the entire project as a whole, including the environment and circumstances in which it will be used.

When we work with the client during the development phase, we are able to help them overcome certain variables and conditions found in the material and fabrication itself to create a better product. When optimization begins early on, we are able to maximize the efficiency, quality, and cost for production every step of the way. This is yet another example of the value provided when working with one stop shop fabrication for custom aluminum extrusion design. Our team can support large and small orders, adjust our process to further improve lead times, and even offer special order opportunities for clients who urgently require support.

Ready to get started? Contact our team at 508-824-8631 and speak with one of our engineers about your needs for custom aluminum extrusion. We can discuss our options for secondary operations and assembly or offer custom aluminum coating solutions designed to meet the industry requirements or demands of the completed project. Call today for a FREE estimate or to place an order for standard or custom aluminum extrusion.