Benefits of Custom Design Profiles to Extrude Aluminum Alloys

custom aluminum profilesIn our many years of providing top quality services to extrude aluminum alloys for clients across just about every industry, Silver City Aluminum has learned that the sooner we can start working with the customer to design and develop custom solutions, the better. Our one stop shop fabrication services provide sawing and deburring, as well as anodizing and painting aluminum products, to achieve the desired result. We can provide all of these services in-house at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility to increase lead times, providing results in a fraction of the industry standard while maintaining top-quality results.

Natural Advantages of Aluminum

Before the custom development of aluminum extrusion even gets started, there are already natural advantages available to manufacturers who choose to work with this amazing metal. When you extrude aluminum alloys, the gain even more benefits and some characteristics are even enhanced. At our one stop shop fabrication and extrusion facility, we help our customers to create top-quality parts, products, and components, while offering all of the secndary operations, such as sawing and deburring or painting aluminum products, to create a complete and finished product.

Some of the natural benefits associated with aluminum include:

  • high strength-to-weight ratio
  • aluminum can be recycled again and again without losing any of its inherent qualities
  • aluminum is the most recycled metal on the planet
  • Silver City Aluminum uses raw aluminum that is made from 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum materials
  • an efficient conductor of heat and electricity
  • excellent for use with electronics, HVAC, nuclear reactors, condenser tubes, radiators, and other systems that rely on efficient heat conduction
    natural resistance to rust and other types of corrosion
  • non-magnetic properties make it excellent for housing coaxial cables and wires, as well as high-voltage applications or with sensitive magnetic devices

Transportation Industry Growth

One of the areas where the use of aluminum extrusion has really grown is within the automotive and transportation industries. The high strength-to-weight ratio means that while aluminum is just one-third the weight of steel, it provides the same level of strength for safety and durability. Demand for lighter weight vehicles to increase fuel economy has driven production to extrude aluminum alloys for consumer, municipal, and industrial vehicles. The Ford Motor Company was able to reduce the weight of the Ford F-150 pickup truck by 700 pounds with the use of one stop shop fabrication aluminum parts, significantly reducing fuel consumption.

Silver City Aluminum produces collars for the automotive industry and other similar transportation industries. We first extrude aluminum alloys to create long lengths in the required shape and dimensions and then cut them into smaller pieces. Those pieces are then used to fabricate opposite collars, which reduces costs, making them more cost-effective for our customers, while providing a durable and reliable alternative to more costly steel parts. This is just one example of the services that we have provided to customers who serve the automotive and transportation industries.

Other Markets and Uses of Aluminum Extrusion

We are proud to serve many diverse industries with our top-quality one stop shop fabrication and extrusion products. Sawing and deburring, mitering and punching, as well as anodizing and painting aluminum products are all done in-house at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. We extrude aluminum alloys based on the customer’s needs to best meet the industry requirements of each client. Some of the other markets that we serve include aerospace, building and construction, electronics and appliances, electrical industry, marine, and consumer goods. Our team can assist with both standard and custom aluminum extrusion profile designs, matching any industry requirements or specifications.

Studies show that the aluminum industry generates nearly $71 billion dollars in direct revenue to the American economy, driving more than $170 billion overall when all suppliers are related businesses are included. Many industries are embracing the advantages associated with choosing to extrude aluminum alloys. To learn more about all of the services that we provide and find out if aluminum extrusion is right for you or to get a FREE estimate for the services you require, contact our team by calling 508-542-7200. We can answer any questions you might have about our one stop shop fabrication approach or offer support through the services of our highly trained and experienced engineers and designers.