Aluminum Extrusion Solutions for Different Types of Industry

aluminum industry solutionsThe process of custom aluminum extrusion is used to transform aluminum alloy into a wide range of products, parts, and components for both the consumer and industrial-based markets. Aluminum extrusion solutions have many uses, including electronics, construction, bridge decking, mass transit, telecommunications, renewable energy industries, and even automotive industry aluminum. Companies that partner with a reputable, experienced and highly skilled team for the development and manufacture of aluminum extrusion can maximize the return on their investment and create a superior product. Aluminum surface treatments can be used to enhance the already incredible benefits of this high strength, lightweight, and naturally corrosion-resistant metal.

Aluminum Profile Design

Silver City Aluminum offers a wide range of services to our customers who come to us from all across the country and around the globe. We serve an ever-expanding market that seeks results for just about every industry with increasing demands for top-quality aluminum extrusion solutions. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians work with each client to create standard or custom aluminum extrusion solutions based on their unique needs and industry demands. The process behind aluminum extrusion is part of what makes this such a valuable method of manufacturing, offering increased benefits to our clients and the end-user across the board.

We are a one-stop shop extrusion design, manufacture, fabrication, and finishing facility located in Southeastern Massachusetts. All it takes is one call to our team, and we can take on any project, including large and small orders. Our lead times far exceed the industry standard, offering results for our customers that are between three to four weeks for finished custom aluminum extrusion products via our own fleet of trucks. We are very proud of our lead times and can even do special orders for clients who urgently need materials in an emergency, ranging from three days to a week, if necessary. Our team is pleased to be able to offer this type of service as a special favor to our customers.

99.9 Percent Recyclable Aluminum

The quality of the alloys that we use to meet our customers’ needs concerning marine, construction, and automotive industry aluminum, as well as for other industry requirements, is part of what makes Silver City Aluminum so successful. We purchase our billet from several different suppliers and use 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum. This helps to provide a more cost-effective and environmentally-conscious solution for our customers, assisting some in achieving certification for eco-friendly products and projects. We further reduce waste by pre-cutting the billets to the proper size, according to the demands of the order. This helps to minimize scrap and ensure quality results.

For all of our aluminum extrusion solutions, the billets are then preheated to a specific temperature for proper extrusion. The metal is pushed at approximately 10 million pounds of pressure through the client’s steel profile or die. The aluminum flows through to come out in the specific shape required by the client. The final phase includes a cooldown on our 160-foot table. The extrusions are then stretched into the perfect dimension with the use of opposing stretchers before the metal is cut according to the client’s specifications. Once the sizing and cutting are complete, the metal is then heat-treated in one of our custom ovens to harden the aluminum to its maximum capacity.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Technology

Silver City Aluminum goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers and assure industry requirements are achieved. Whether we are creating electronic parts, HVAC components, or automotive industry aluminum, the quality control that we provide to each order is part of what separates our team from other extrusion facilities. Through the advancement of PLC control technology, our system is completely automated and fully integrated, allowing us to communicate with our machines from virtually any location in the world. We can monitor the extrusion recipe, rate of speed, and help us see how all of the machines are functioning to provide consistent and dependable quality control. Because we do everything in house, from the initial design and development all the way to aluminum surface treatments and shipping via our own fleet of trucks, we are able to provide results that far exceed expectations.

Ready to learn more about Silver City Aluminum and our aluminum extrusion solutions? Give us a call at 508-542-7200 and speak with one of our customer service agents. You can discuss your needs directly with one of our engineers, so we can begin developing your custom aluminum extrusion profile right away. Call today for a FREE estimate or to learn more about all of the professional services available at Silver City Aluminum.