Benefits of Custom Aluminum Extrusion for Parts Manufacturing

custom aluminum extrusion profilesWouldn’t it be nice if all of the commercially available off-the-shelf parts magically fit every project perfectly and offered optimal performance without having to make any adjustments? Unfortunately, that’s not the way things work. The truth is that nearly every new advancement in design requires the use of custom parts and components. Designing custom aluminum extrusions from scratch and help to simplify the Research & Development (R&D) phase in a project and ultimately speed up production. There are other benefits as well, including being able to enhance the finished product, prevent corrosion through design for extreme conditions, apply custom aluminum coating solutions, and create shapes and options that can only be achieved through the use of extruded aluminum.

Custom Parts Save Time

Instead of spending hours, days, weeks, or even months trying to track down the “perfect part” to complete a project, your team can benefit from having the ability to create custom aluminum extrusions that are designed specifically for your needs. Reduce time-wasting exercises that can sidetrack your development team and stay focused on the project at hand. Working closely with a reputable provider of custom extruded aluminum can help.

At Silver City Aluminum, our team of highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable engineers and technicians will work with you at the early stages of development to help create solutions designed to exceed expectations. We can offer support for custom aluminum coating solutions that will maximize the return on your investment and increase the longevity of the finished parts, even in extreme temperatures or abrasive environments.

Custom Parts Save Money

While one might argue that time equals money, so saving time ultimately saves money, there are other ways that custom aluminum extrusions can help to reduce costs. Instead of having to send out the unfinished parts for welding and other secondary operations, many of the shape configurations that you require can be included in the profile design. Our engineers work with each customer to ensure that the parts and components that we create will exceed expectations and meet all specifications.

Reducing costs associated with having to make modifications to a basic or standard industry part can help to push the project along at a faster pace, helping to meet deadlines or achieve completion ahead of schedule. It also helps to produce a better quality product instead of all of the issues that can be associated with welding, soldering, and other common applications that can cause damage due to excessive heat. You could ultimately save money in two ways, by not having to scrap damaged or improper modifications and by not having to start over again.

Custom Parts Create Better Results

One of the ways that we frequently discuss the benefits of custom aluminum extrusions is having the unique ability to make strategic changes to a part or component that will help to prevent corrosion through design. In a typical environment, this might just mean that the part would perform better, longer, and without complications. However, in a corrosive or abrasive environment, this extra effort could provide the additional structural integrity that is required to meet industry requirements or government regulations.

While a single modification to a common part or component might be cost-effective, more than a single change could impact the performance over the life of the finished product. Creating custom extruded aluminum and using custom aluminum coating solutions can help to provide better results across the board, which could positively affect the end user’s experience. The sooner you can start working with our experienced engineers to go over your plans and demands for the project, the easier it will be to exceed your expectations.

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