Quality Control Advantages: One Stop Shop Aluminum Extrusion

quality control measures custom aluminum extrusionWhen quality matters, our clients choose us for everything from custom extrusion design and engineering to post extrusion operations at Silver City Aluminum. Doing everything “under one roof” has clear advantages, whether you are using standard extrusion profiles for traditional aluminum frames or designing something completely new and unique for industry advancement. One stop shop fabrication, extrusion, secondary operations, and finishing means that our team works with you side by side throughout the entire process, helping you to create a complete product assembly for your extruded aluminum profiles. Quality control measures are inserted every step of the way to ensure high standards in the finished product.

We Do Everything In-House

Our team of engineers and technicians do it all. Through our many years of providing quality products, we have discovered that the more we can get involved in the process of product design and development from the very beginning, the more satisfied our clients are with the end result. We take pride in our ability to get fully involved in the design process for every single order that we fill. We are dedicated to providing the absolute best standards of quality control and service, offering a superior standard or custom aluminum product that will exceed expectations and meet all industry requirements.

Our focus is placed solely on the application of the product itself. We consider all of the specifics regarding its end use, the environment in which it is intended to be used, and the demands of the user, industry, and setting. This helps us to further improve quality control and guarantee exceptional customer service at the same time. By keeping everything in-house from the engineering to the extrusion, fabrication, secondary operations, finishing, and even shipping services, we are able to achieve outstanding lead times. The current industry standard is 30-45 days, but we can get a finished custom aluminum product delivered to our clients within 3-4 weeks maximum.

State of the Art Machinery

Another reason to work with Silver City Aluminum for all of your custom extrusion design and post extrusion operations is that we use only state of the art machinery and methods at our facility. All of the components in our extrusion system are top of the line. We use state of the art equipment that is fully integrated and automated. Through the advances made in PLC control technology, we can communicate from our machines from virtually any location in the world. This allows us to see and control every aspect of the process from the extrusion recipe, rate of speed, machine function, and all other related variables. It is what helps us to ensure consistent and dependable quality control.

In addition to all of this technology, our team is instrumental in our success. We keep a constant eye on the extrusion process every step of the way with technology, but we are also highly involved in hands-on quality control measures. For example, our one stop shop fabrication department has the unique ability to custom fabricate just about any part or design that our clients could require. CNC Fabrication, specialized secondary operations, and attention to detail that includes de-burring of all machined parts as a standard part of the process. We can also get involved in the assembly process if the client requests these services. Our team is fully capable of assembling a product for which we are making most of the parts and components.

Finishing and Shipping Services

While we have earned a solid reputation for our ability to create top quality custom extrusion design for nearly every industry, we also work extensively with custom finishing solutions. Painting, powder-coating, and anodizing aluminum are just some of the post extrusion operations that can be included with your order. We go above and beyond in everything that we do, from a four-stage pre-treat finishing process that exceeds industry standards to a vertical electrostatic polycron line that can handle parts up to 21 feet in length. We provide constant monitoring, use custom baking ovens to cure the materials, and take each item off the line one at a time by hand to be inspected by our highly trained technicians.

Our fleet of trucks can deliver orders all across the country. By controlling our delivery schedules and routes, we can ensure faster lead times and on-time delivery. This service also helps us to ensure quality control from start to finish. We also have LTL capabilities for customers who wish to use their own trucks for delivery or pickup of the finished product. We can even make a custom crate for your order to help minimize any potential damage that could be incurred when shipping via LTL on someone else’s truck for shipments. In addition, we also offer special packaging to suit your needs, such as Paper Interleave for each part on critical jobs for a small charge to prevent scratching on aesthetic parts. We also offer bubble wrapping, custom aluminum skid packing, and custom made boxes.

Interested in learning more about our custom extrusion design, post extrusion operations, and other one stop shop fabrication and finishing services? Give us a call at 508-824-8631 and speak with one of our customer service agents, engineers or technicians.