What’s Behind Increased Demand for Custom Aluminum Extrusions?

increased demand for custom aluminum extrusionsIndustry reports reveal that global primary production of aluminum increased by nearly six percent in 2017 and demand has continued to expand ever since. You can see the growth simply by watching price trends and stocks for international aluminum. Insiders anticipate that aluminum use will continue to grow in the coming years. Known in particular for its high strength-to-weight ratio, there are many advantages to using aluminum across a wide range of different industries. Whether standard aluminum extrusions, such as rod and bar aluminum, or custom aluminum extrusions are used, manufacturers are beginning to appreciate the benefits of working with aluminum fabrication shops for best results.

North America, Europe, and China

Currently, the top three regions that have seen the most growth in aluminum demand and production include North America, Europe, and China. In 2017, a total of 63.2 million tonnes of aluminum were produced globally. Recycled aluminum production has increased as well, up to over 12 million tonnes in 2018. For businesses in the United States, there are many incentives to using this now popular metal in manufacturing. The automotive industry, in particular, has become extremely interested in the use of aluminum to develop consumer vehicles that are lighter in weight for better fuel economy, while still maintaining a high level of safety and protection for passengers. Other industries, including aerospace and construction, have also increased their use of standard and custom aluminum extrusions.

Aluminum fabrication shops like Silver City Aluminum are working almost non-stop to keep up with the demand. Our team of highly trained, skilled, and experienced engineers and technicians partner directly with our clients to ensure top quality results. Standard aluminum extrusions have risen in popularity as well, boosting product for stock rod and bar aluminum to many different industries in our local area and beyond. While located in Southern New England, our facility serves the needs of customers across the country and around the globe. Because we do everything in-house, we can guarantee better quality control, faster lead times, and more comprehensive services from the initial development phase all the way through shipping via our own fleet of trucks.

A Growing Automotive Industry

As more and more auto manufacturers turn to aluminum as a solution for improving fuel economy in consumer vehicles, aluminum fabrication shops are taking on more orders for a growing number of parts, products, and components. Silver City Aluminum has experience working with collars for the automotive industry, helping our customers find new ways to reduce costs, make each part more cost-effective, and offer a durable alternative to more costly steel. We also work with a lot of other automotive parts, providing custom aluminum extrusions wherever they are needed.

Our diverse background of working with multiple industries has prepared our team to engineer unique solutions for our clients in the automotive industry and beyond. While we still get orders for standard aluminum extrusions, including rod and bar aluminum, our focus has been primarily on designing custom profiles. This experience puts us in a unique position, allowing us to be ready to take on any project that our customers bring to us, while still maintaining high standards for quality and exceptional lead times that have helped Silver City Aluminum to stand out among the competition.

Other Expanding Markets

In addition to our work with the automotive and aerospace industries, we are beginning to see more orders for custom aluminum extrusions at our aluminum fabrication shops from other expanding markets. Industry experts anticipate that the aluminum market will continue growing through the end of 2023, due to increased demand from other industries, including building and construction, industrial machinery, and many different types of transportation. Beyond consumer vehicles, the transportation industry is looking for ways to improve fuel economy across the board and aluminum is an excellent material to help them achieve their goals.

Other industry influences include construction growth in developed and developing economies around the globe, as well as improved lifestyles and an increase in disposable income for consumers. The aluminum industry is a helpful material in creating more environmentally-friendly products, as well as materials that are sustainable, recyclable, and plentiful all over the planet. If you are interested in getting in on all of the advantages associated with using custom and standard aluminum extrusions for industry, contact our team by calling 508-824-8631. You can also reach our team using our contact form via the website to ask questions, place orders, or learn more about our services.