Many Industries Served by Custom Aluminum Extrusion Design

many industries aluminum extrusionOne of the ways that our team of engineers and technicians at Silver City Aluminum stays on top of the latest design trends, techniques, and high-quality methods for custom aluminum extrusion is by serving a diverse array of clients. Our customers come to us from just about every industry imaginable, searching for aluminum extrusion solutions that can be used to benefit the projects and manufacturing needs that they are working to address. Custom extrusion and fabrication can help to reduce the cost for materials, enhance the abilities of the finished product, and ensure that the custom extrusion design provides the exact results desired by the client.

Throughout the process of aluminum extrusion, our team will work to transform aluminum alloys into the custom extrusion design cross-sectional shapes and profiles that are requested by our customers. We can create an unlimited range of shapes and sizes, including aluminum channels, tubing, angles, and truly custom aluminum extrusion solutions that are unlike anything that you have ever seen. We have created parts for consumer vehicles, public transportation equipment, load-bearing beams for construction, specialty parts for snow-making machines, decorative trim for home goods, and even heating and cooling elements for HVAC industry equipment. Whatever you need, custom aluminum extrusion can provide solutions that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Standard Extrusion Shapes

Sometimes a client requires a standard or “stock” extrusion shape. They might require it to be made of a certain alloy, have it finished with custom painting, or have it come in a specific length and width to best meet their needs. Stock shapes can also be customized, helping the customer to get what they want without having to “reinvent the wheel” with a whole brand new shape. Working with our team of highly trained, experienced, and knowledgable engineers can help you to maximize the return on your investment and get the aluminum extrusion solutions that you need for your project.

  • ANGLES – a standard extruded L-shaped part that forms a 90-degree angle from the two “legs” of the part that intersect
  • ARCHITECTURAL – can be used for structural and decorative uses as part of building construction; size, length, and shape depends on the needs of the customer
  • BEAMS – used for structural or support components within building construction and other manufacturing situations where strength and stability is required
  • CHANNELS – typically used as a support frame for other products, channels are linear, smooth, and, in most cases, quite narrow, depending on the needs of the customer
  • FRAMES – standard frame designs can be used for just about anything, including aluminum doors and windows or screens for windows; also used in modular frame systems, there are a lot of ways that frame extrusion can be used in manufacturing
  • HOLLOW TUBE – the name gives it away, hollow tube is a hollow aluminum product that is linear in shape; while typically cylindrical, the hollow tube can also come in square or rectangular shapes to be used for building supplies
  • STRUCTURAL – similar to beam extrusion, structural aluminum is used for structural and support components for building construction and other manufacturing; however, structural extrusion is often treated with finishing solutions to increase strength, durability, and natural resistance to corrosion
  • TRIM – in most cases, trim is custom made for a specific project or to work in a specific-sized space or location; typically thin, long, and narrow, there are many uses for aluminum trim
  • T-SLOT – these extrusions are used in many different situations, but can be seen most commonly in the construction of cabinets, shelving, workstations, modular furniture, computer racks, and other demanding projects

Custom Extrusion Design Benefits

When you consider all of the advantages associated with standard or “stock” extrusion and fabrication for industry, it is easy to see why so many of our customers choose to take it a step further and create a custom aluminum extrusion. Customizing a stock design or designing a brand new shape for aluminum extrusion solutions can help to save time and money. Time is saved by reducing the amount of assembly and secondary operations that are required for the parts or components to be used in manufacturing or construction. Money is saved by eliminating the additional labor that would have to be done by a third-party or your own team at the manufacturing plant to customize the parts through other methods.

Aluminum itself has many advantages, such as a high strength-to-weight ratio, cost-effectiveness compared to other materials of similar strength, reflective nature, natural resistance to corrosion, a great conductor of electricity and heat, non-magnetic qualities, and many other benefits. If you are thinking about using custom extrusion design for your next project, contact Silver City Aluminum by calling 508-824-8631 or use our online contact form to start a dialogue with one of our expert designers or engineers at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. We provide top quality custom aluminum extrusion and fabrication to customers all across the country and around the globe.