Growth of Aluminum Extrusion Design in the Furniture Industry

aluminum extrusion for industryThere are many different industries that benefit from the advantages of using aluminum for parts, components, and various products. One of the sectors that is growing in its use of aluminum is the furniture industry. There are many different types of furniture that use aluminum extrusion design. Standard and custom extrusion dies can help to create a better quality product that is designed to provide long-lasting, durable results to the end user. Whether for consumers or professionals, manufacturers count on quality aluminum extrusion companies like Silver City Aluminum to help them prevent corrosion through design, create quality parts, and maximize the return on their investment.

Standard and Custom Extrusion Dies

The difference between standard or “stock” and custom extrusion dies is that the custom version is designed to specifically meet the needs and requirements of the customer. Custom profiles can be created from a standard die starting point and changed to provide extra benefits and advantages to the finished product. While standard profiles do have a lot to offer and are used frequently in furniture manufacturing situations, there are many reasons to choose custom aluminum extrusion design. Working with the right company is essential, especially if you require custom solutions or tight tolerances for success.

Silver City Aluminum is a custom manufacturing company that offers furniture industry businesses the unique ability to design aluminum extrusion profiles that will help to enhance their offerings and create more reliable, durable, and unique products for their customers. Whether you design furniture for home use by consumers or corporate situations for professional clients, there are many advantages of using aluminum for this particular industry. Aluminum can be used in just about any environment, climate, or situation, providing long-lasting strength, aesthetic appeal, and cost-effective solutions.

Advantages of Using Aluminum

The use of aluminum extrusion design in the furniture industry can yield some pretty incredible results. Partnering with Silver City Aluminum allows you to employ a team of experts without having to recruit staff, maintain training, and invest in extrusion machinery. In addition to standard and custom aluminum extrusion, we do post-extrusion operations, including custom finishing solutions, in-house at our New England facility. This allows us to ensure greater quality control, shorter lead times, and provide every customer with the services they require without compromise. From CNC fabrication to custom assembly services, you can count on our team to delivery aluminum extrusion that will exceed your expectations.

Some of the advantages of using aluminum for the furniture industry include:

  • high strength-to-weight ratio – aluminum is lighter in weight than steel and other materials commonly used in the furniture industry, yet just as strong; the lighter weight also makes it more affordable to manufacture, transport, and assemble aluminum extrusion design products for end users
  • enhanced strength – if even more strength is desired, there are heat treatment and other techniques available that can be used with custom extrusion dies to further enhance the strength of your completed parts, components, and products
  • corrosion resistance – aluminum is resistant to corrosion due to a naturally-occurring oxide film that serves as protection, however added protection can be included in your custom profile; our team can work with you to prevent corrosion through design for improved results in furniture products that will be used outdoors, for medical industry use, or for other extreme environments
  • affordable machinability – if additional options are required beyond the development of custom extrusion dies, manufacturers can easily drill, cut, saw, and machine aluminum as-needed to create the desired parts and components for assembly
  • cost-effective and sustainable – aluminum is one of the most common elements on earth, making it extremely available and affordable; it is also the most recycled metal on the planet, which allows for greater use of recycled materials and enhanced benefits to eco-friendly furniture projects or sustainability certification
  • temperature performance – when it comes to outdoor furniture production, aluminum is an excellent choice due to its ability to strengthen in extremely cold temperatures; steel and other similar metals can become weak and brittle in the cold, decreasing the life of the finished product considerably

Aluminum Extrusion, Fabrication, and Finishing

When you call Silver City Aluminum to discuss your needs for aluminum extrusion design, we take care of everything from the initial development phase of custom extrusion dies all the way through fabrication, assembly, specialized services, and finishing solutions. Whether your goal is to embrace the advantages of using aluminum and prevent corrosion through design or create a custom framework for innovative industrial design, our team can help you every step of the way. Give us a call at 508-824-8631 or use our online contact form to reach out to one of our team members about your order.