Structural Advantages of Aluminum Extrusion in Construction

Structural Advantages of Aluminum ExtrusionThere are many benefits associated with using extrusion solutions for the construction industry. However, the most significant advantages industry the cost benefits for choosing aluminum as a material and the structural integrity of the metal itself. The aesthetic appeal of traditional aluminum frames used in doors, windows, and construction of other accents and elements used with glass surfaces is also much prized in modern architecture and design. Custom aluminum extruders can create unique and complex shapes that can be used to the advantage of the finished product. The aluminum extrusion industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, particularly due to its ability to manufacture complicated designs at affordable prices.

Why is Aluminum So Affordable?

The most plentiful metal on the planet is also the number one most recycled metal on earth. That makes materials for the aluminum extrusion industry very affordable and readily available. It also makes this metal very attractive to those who are working to achieve LEED certification status for construction of residential or commercial structures. Custom aluminum extruders are working overtime to keep up with the demand for a variety of essential construction materials. At Silver City Aluminum, we purchase aluminum billet from several different suppliers that are made of 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum. We pre-cut each piece according to the length and weight of the client profile to further minimize scrap and waste.

The process of shaping the aluminum into custom profiles is also very cost-effective. The metal is heated up to a specific temperature to make it more malleable. It is then forced through a shaped design at extremely high pressure. To ensure the highest quality, our team of engineers and technicians at Silver City Aluminum constantly monitor the entire process required for creating extrusion solutions for construction industry clients. Every single component in our extrusion system is top of the line. Each piece of machinery is fully integrated and automated. Our team uses PLC control technology to communicate with our machines so we can see how they are functioning, the rate of speed, the extrusion recipe, and all other variables to ensure consistent and dependable quality control.

How Aluminum is Used in Construction

Extrusion solutions for construction industry use are very versatile, both in the way that they are used and in the production of each piece. Parts, components, and complete products can be created by the aluminum extrusion industry based on the unique demands of each project. Lighter in weight than steel, yet equally strong, there are many advantages to choosing custom aluminum extruders for construction. Traditional aluminum frames are by far the most common, used for everything from windows to doors, shelving and more. Lightweight paneling and guide rails are also essential for use in various projects for construction of structures, sheds, trailers, and even furniture.

Other ways that aluminum is used is for the structure of the interior of a building, including high-level projects. Elevator shafts, stairwells, lighting fixtures, and other essential components are all created with a custom aluminum extrusion. In fact, integrated extruded aluminum can be used in nearly all areas of building construction, including the plumbing, mechanical, utility, and even aesthetic accents and decorative pieces, helping architects and designers to achieve their goals. The reusability and recyclability of materials used in the aluminum extrusion industry are also attractive to many forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious manufacturers, contractors, and architects.

Traditional Aluminum Frames

Throughout our many years of experience serving the construction industry, Silver City Aluminum has become somewhat of an expert in the design, development, and manufacture of doors and windows. Traditional aluminum frames can be designed to achieve specific goals, creating eco-friendly solutions of the highest standards. Because we take charge of the entire process from beginning to end, including the delivery of our finished products, we can ensure quality control like no other custom aluminum extruders in the area. We dedicate ourselves to ensure delivery of a top-shelf product with no scratches, dents or inconsistencies for best results.

From frames to reinforcements, paneling, thermal filling, and de-bridging, you can count on Silver City Aluminum to provide top quality extrusion solutions for construction industry products. Contact our team of highly skilled and trained engineers and technicians to get a FREE estimate for your next project. We can help you develop unique profiles that will ensure that you achieve your goals. Call today at 508-824-8631 or use our online contact form to reach out to our team.