Redesign & Refine Parts to Prevent Corrosion Through Design

Design Aluminum Extrusion ProfileThe more you know about a material and how it works, the easier it is to maximize its inherent qualities and abilities in a finished product. There are many advantages of using aluminum. Aluminum products are the material of choice for many industries, including transportation, aerospace, construction, marine, and the manufacture of consumer goods. Custom aluminum extrusion design can help to take the benefits of this dynamic metal even further, creating parts, products, and components that will provide many years of dependable strength and durability. When you take time to learn about aluminum and how it works, it is possible to prevent corrosion through design, even in the most extreme environments. Extrusion and fabrication of aluminum is now more popular than ever before, making it one of the top metals used in manufacturing in North America.

Time to Reconsider Your Product Design?

One of the best tools for product design is CAD software. At Silver City Aluminum we work with 2D files in .dxf or .dwg for AutoCAD and 3D files in .stp or .iges for Inventor, Solidworks, and other similar programs. We can also accept Adobe Acrobat .pdf files and any scanned documents that have all of the necessary dimensions required for our team to redraw the shape using CAD software. On our website, you can see a full list of engineering tips and supporting documentation for custom aluminum extrusion designs. Some of our tips can help you to make significant improvements in your design or to prevent corrosion through design modifications. Our goal is to help each client maximize the advantages of using aluminum for their parts, components, and products.

Part of achieving that goal is providing information that can help the client to better understand the inherent qualities of aluminum so they can use them to their advantage. The mechanical properties of the alloys that we use, which include 6063, 6005, and 6463 aluminum alloy, as well as details regarding standard aluminum tolerances, are a big part of why so many manufacturers choose this amazing metal. A great conductor of heat and electricity, light reflective, non-magnetic, highly recyclable, and naturally resistant to rust and other corrosives, the more you learn about aluminum, the better it gets. So if you already have a design that you want to use for aluminum extrusion and fabrication, consider consulting with our engineers and designers ahead of time to ensure that you have the best possible options available for your order.

Refine the Design for Better Surface Finish

While the performance of the finished product is of the utmost importance, including its strength, durability, and consistency, the aesthetic appeal of the finish is also key. Whenever you create a drawing for the parts, products, and components that you want to be created with custom aluminum extrusion, it is essential to indicate which surfaces will be exposed. The reason for this is that when the extruder knows the part of the product that will be visible, they can pay special attention to protect the finish during the extrusion and fabrication process. In some cases, due to the shape of the design, streaks, and changes in metal thickness can result in marks on the opposite surface of an extrusion. This happens most in sections where the metal is thin. Advising your extruder of any exposed surfaces can help them to ensure that the parts that get seen look their very best.

Simply by modifying the shape and rounding the transitions in the custom aluminum extrusion, the technician can work to reduce the chance of opposite side streaking to improve the overall look of the finished product. Finishing solutions can also be used to enhance the appearance of extrusion, as well as work to further prevent corrosion through design. While aluminum does have a natural resistance to corrosion, the use of painting, powder coating, and anodizing can also help to increase the protective finish and ensure that the product looks it’s very best. A variety of colors, textures, and thicknesses of finishing products can be used, based on the client’s specifications and demands of the project. Special techniques can be used to provide cover for any areas of the part or component that will be exposed and likely to suffer the most damage during use.

Work With a Professional Team

When you hire Silver City Aluminum to assist you in the design and development of custom aluminum extrusion for industry, you gain the opportunity to maximize the advantages of using aluminum. This unique metal is all around us every day. It is used across many different industries. Give us a call today at 508-542-7200 to get a FREE estimate for your next project of extrusion and fabrication.