Custom Aluminum Extrusion Solutions for Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry Aluminum ExtrusionAs more car manufacturers turn to aluminum and move away from steel, the demand for custom aluminum extrusions has grown. Aluminum products are used in many industries where custom solutions and durability under extreme conditions is a priority. Extrusion solutions for automotive industry requirements, including the ability to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases by increasing fuel mileage, are being used by many different companies in the development of consumer vehicles. In addition, automotive industry aluminum ideas are crossing over into projects for commercial vehicles, both in public and private transportation, as well as for shipping of goods and materials.

Why Custom Solutions Matter

When it comes to the design of aluminum products for the automotive industry, it pays to work with a team that can provide custom solutions. Silver City Aluminum has many years of experience working across multiple sectors to create custom aluminum extrusions designed to solve unique issues and problems. Overcoming conditions that can result in improvements to fuel economy is just the beginning, as there are many advantages associated with using automotive industry aluminum for consumer vehicles. Natural resistance to corrosion can yield a finished product that is very durable, increasing the life of many parts, components, and materials.

In addition to developing a superior product, custom aluminum extrusions can also help to reduce costs, maintaining the ability for auto manufacturers to achieve lower overhead for parts and components to increase profits and create a more affordable vehicle for consumers. Aluminum is cheaper to use than advanced high strength steel for many reasons. It is more plentiful in nature and aluminum is also the most recycled metal on the planet. Aluminum products weigh less than their steel counterparts, making it quicker and cheaper to ship consumer vehicles to dealerships and customers. Custom designed extrusion solutions for automotive industry purposes can also reduce the number of secondary operations required to complete the part or component, further lowering the cost of the finished product.

Quality Aluminum Products

Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians provide our clients with top notch customer service and support from start to finish. The earlier we can start working with customers to develop aluminum products, the better the end result will ultimately be. We work with each client to discern the goals for each project, to understand how the custom aluminum extrusions will be used within the completed vehicle. Working closely with our clients helps us to provide them with distinct advantages due to our knowledge of the material and the benefits associated with making improvements to design that will streamline production and further enhance the natural abilities of the metal.

Even in extreme conditions, such as high or low temperatures, weather conditions, and proximity to abrasive or corrosive environments, finishing solutions can be added to protect aluminum for long-lasting results. Powder coating, anodizing, and painting are just some of the ways that extrusion solutions for automotive industry products can be protected. The extrusion process itself also helps to boost the strength of the metal in the finished product, increasing durability for automotive industry aluminum. When we are able to understand the goals of each client to know how the part or component will be ultimately used, it helps us to make suggestions to the profile design that will enhance the abilities of the aluminum products.

Examples of Automotive Industry Aluminum

Some of the ways that custom aluminum extrusions have been used within the automotive industry include roof railing systems, collars, door components, crash management system profiles, decorative profiles, chassis and suspension parts, and other essential accessories. Other types of aluminum have been used for bodywork and other components to further reduce the weight of the vehicle with the goal of increasing fuel economy. At Silver City Aluminum, we have worked directly with our clients to design custom profiles that can be used to provide safe and reliable results that will protect drivers and passengers, while helping the industry to achieve their economic goals.

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