What Are Post-Extrusion Operations for Aluminum Extrusion?

Post Extrusion Operations Aluminum AlloyStandard and custom aluminum extrusion involves the formation of a specific shape or profile through the use of heated metal that is pushed through a steel die with tremendous force. Any processes that are done after the extrusion has been completed are considered to be post-extrusion operations. Fabrication work can include sawing and deburring, as well as other fabrications, including punching, mitering, heli-coiling, and even assembly. After extrusion and fabrication, finishing options can be added, such as anodizing, powder-coating or painting aluminum products, according to the client’s specifications.

Fabrication Capabilities at Silver City Aluminum

When you contract with our team to create your standard and custom aluminum extrusion parts, components and products, you get everything done at one location under the supervision of our highly trained and experienced technicians and engineers. We do all extrusion and post-extrusion operations in-house at our Taunton, MA facility. Our fabrication department can custom fabricate just about any part or design that our clients require. We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards to deliver results that exceed expectations.

  • Long/Short CNC Fabrication – Our team has the unique ability to fabricate long parts up to 30-feet in length, as well as short parts as small as one-quarter of an inch. Our long part fabrications are processed in our high-speed Emmegi CNC machines, which feature a 4+1 controlled axis, which can be continuously controlled in the range of 0-180 degrees. We also use angle machining heads to machine the five faces of a processed part at extremely tight tolerances for consistent results. Our short parts are fabricated between one-quarter of an inch on up to 27-inches in length with our high-speed Fanuc Robo Drill units, which operate off of a 3-axis system that also provides extremely tight tolerances for quality and consistency.
  • Punching, Sawing and Mitering – Our CNC Fabrication services also include punching, which can include custom pneumatic and hydraulic punches for low or high volume jobs. We also provide precision sawing using our two B&O state-of-the-art precision saws, which are capable of holding tight tolerances for pieces ranging from one-quarter of an inch up to 240-inches in length. Mitering fabrication services can be delivered in a capacity that ranges between 22.5 to 135 degrees and at lengths that range from 13.75-inches to 19-feet, 8-inches.
  • De-burring Services – Part of our secondary operations includes de-burring, which we provide for every extrusion and fabrication at Silver City Aluminum, especially after punching, sawing and other fabrication processes. Vibratory de-burring and tumble de-burring are used, depending on the requirements of the part to remove any burrs from parts without damaging or scratching the aluminum materials.
  • Heli-Coiling and Specialty Services – Other techniques available to our customers include heli-coil inserts, which are precision formed and then inserted into a heli-coil tapped hole for a strong and reliable fit to reduce rusting, corroding, and wearing out over time. We also offer other specialty services, including assembly of products, telescoping profiles, and industry-specific post-extrusion operations beyond basic sawing and deburring.

Finishing Capabilities at Silver City Aluminum

We take pride in being able to provide everything our clients need from start to finish at our Massachusetts facility. Whether you require standard extrusion and fabrication or need custom services that include powder-coating or painting aluminum products before shipment, our team can help you to achieve your goals. Our finishing capabilities at Silver City Aluminum include painting, powder-coating, and anodizing. Even our paint department applies finishing products above and beyond industry standard requirements to ensure long-lasting, great-looking results.

  • Painting – Our Polycron paint line can handle parts up to twenty feet in length. We strive for perfection in all of our paint services to provide a consistent color application and top-rated adhesion. This helps us to meet strict requirements to meet industry regulations and exceed client expectations. We provide a four-stage pre-treat process to etch, clean wash, neutralize, and standard wash each part to guarantee excellent adhesion. We use a vertical electrostatic Polycron line and apply the paint at 2ml’s wet in thickness. Our team monitors and checks the passing parts to ensure quality and consistent results. Each part is cured in our custom ovens and then taken off the line one at a time by hand to be inspected by our technicians before shipping.
  • Powder-Coating – We use several different powder coaters and anodizers to provide our clients with a finish that meets their aesthetic and functional needs. Choose from an unlimited array of colors to help provide your finished parts with a distinctive color and style. Contact one of our team members to discuss your needs for powder-coating, colors, and other requirements for all of your finished parts and components.
  • Anodizing – Short and long pieces can be anodized according to the client’s specifications in either small or large runs. Clients can choose from clear anodizing, black anodizing, multi-color anodizing, or an unlimited array of custom finishes by request. Textures can also be added during this process to increase the function of the part or component, as well as to improve protection for use in extreme environments.

Post-Extrusion Operations for Aluminum Projects

If you are interested in learning more about our post-extrusion operations for both standard and custom aluminum extrusion, contact our team. We can answer any questions that you might have about extrusion and fabrication, sawing and deburring, or even painting aluminum products. Call today at 508-824-8631 to speak with one of our team members about your specific needs for quality aluminum extrusion.