Quality Aluminum Extrusion: One Stop Shop Fabrication in MA

One stop shop fabrication and extrusionThe aluminum fabrication shops that you choose to work with for extrusion, fabrication, and finishing will play a big part in the quality of your finished piece, component or product. It is imperative to consider the standards, methods, and reputation of the business within the aluminum extrusion industry because it will influence your results. One stop shop fabrication, such as the services available at Silver City Aluminum, has many advantages over other extrusion operations that send out items throughout the process for post-extrusion work or custom aluminum coating solutions.

When you want to go shopping for consumer goods and want the largest selection of options, you go to a “big box store” or department store that carries a wide variety of products. The Super Targets and Walmart Superstores of the world are a good example. You can get everything from dog food to makeup, kitchenware to beer, linens to automotive supplies all under one roof. When it comes to manufacturing, working with a one stop shop fabrication and extrusion company can provide similar benefits. However, when all of your work is being done under one roof, there are even more advantages for your business.

Better Quality Results

At Silver City Aluminum, we choose to do everything in house so we can maintain quality control and care for your order throughout every stage of the process. From the initial order with our sales team all the way through design, extrusion, secondary operations, finishing, and even shipping, we provide quality control inspections and handle your items with professional care. We also take extra steps to ensure quality, such as utilizing state of the art technology, machinery, and techniques to control everything from the extrusion recipe to the rate of speed for manufacturing. Even our custom aluminum coating solutions are designed to go above and beyond the industry standard requirements to provide results that will exceed your expectations.

Faster Lead Times

Because we are not sending your products out to third-party contractors in the aluminum extrusion industry to provide post-extrusion operations or finishing services, we are able to offer faster lead times than most other aluminum fabrication shops. Our average lead time at Silver City Aluminum is three to four weeks maximum from the day that we receive your order until the day that it ships from our facility. While some jobs that require more intensive fabrication may take slightly longer, depending on your needs, we are even able to step up our lead times and fill orders on an emergency basis for special circumstances. Depending on the job, we can offer quick turnarounds between three days and one week from receipt of order to shipping.

Lower Costs

Keeping everything in-house at our one stop shop fabrication and extrusion facility also helps to reduce your costs. Once again, not sending out your pieces to third-party services helps us to stay in control of both quality and cost. The savings experienced by eliminating all of these extra outside services get passed onto the client. They become even more noticeable when large orders are placed. Additional services can also be more affordable when they are done in-house by our team of technicians, including everything from precision sawing and mitering to custom aluminum coating solutions, such as powder-coating, anodizing and painting. Speak with one of our sales experts about your project to learn how custom profile design can lower your costs over time even further with the aluminum extrusion industry.

Increased Communication

If you have ever done a home improvement project, such as remodeling a kitchen or master bathroom, then you understand how confusing it can be to try and coordinate the plumber, cabinet maker, flooring installation company, painter, and other professionals throughout the project. Without a project manager to take care of all the scheduling to ensure that the work is done in the proper order without unnecessary delays or increased costs, it can be overwhelming. Think of Silver City Aluminum as your project manager and manufacturer all in one. When you contact our team, you will work with one point of contact who will coordinate all of the work you require on your behalf. Our engineers can even work with you from the initial concept and development phase to provide insight and experience that can help you maximize the opportunities for your custom aluminum extrusions.

Extra Services and Options

In addition to providing our customers with quality standard and custom aluminum extrusion, post-extrusion operations, and finishing, we also offer extra services and options for specific industries. Some of the projects that we have worked on and gained extensive experience in include snowmaking applications, such as custom snow guns designed to withstand high-pressure and work in tough outdoor conditions. We also work a lot with liquid nitrogen to gas exchange cold sinks for big holding tanks used in hospital parking lots, commercial buildings, municipal public buildings, and other locations. Collars for the automotive industry is also something that we regularly manufacture for our clients, helping to provide a cost-effective and durable product.

Interested in Silver City Aluminum?

Give us a call at 508-824-8631 to speak with our team of engineers, technicians, and experienced sales staff to discuss your needs for standard or custom aluminum extrusion. We can help you make choices that will increase the return on your investment and provide you with examples of ways that the aluminum extrusion industry can help take your business to the next level. Our one stop shop fabrication facility is located in Taunton, MA and we serve clients throughout the New England area, across the country, and around the globe.