The Benefits of Designing Custom Extrusion Dies for Industry

Custom Aluminum ExtrusionThere are already so many advantages associated with choosing aluminum as the material for your industry’s parts, components, and products, but could there be more? When you design custom extrusion dies to create unique solutions, you gain a whole new set of benefits that are not possible with other metals. Custom design can be used to reduce post extrusion operations to save time and money. It can also be used to further prevent corrosion through design by eliminating areas that might be more susceptible to collecting moisture that could lead to rust. Increased torsion strength resistance that comes from the methods used at our one stop shop fabrication and extrusion facility is also desirable to many clients.

Design to Satisfy a Need

Some of our clients choose to design custom extrusion dies to create parts, components, and products that are not readily available. Whether they are to be included in a new development project for commercial, industrial, or consumer based products, or if they are reinventing the wheel to create a better solution, custom designs are incredibly beneficial in a number of ways. Aluminum is extremely malleable and, through proper heating and extrusion process, can be used to create just about any shape and configuration in nearly any length or dimension. This is a huge advantage to developers who are designing innovative industry solutions that cannot find a “standard” or “stock” piece that will suit their needs.

Design to Reduce Costs

You might think that creating your own custom profile or design would cost more than simply using post extrusion operations to fabricate the exact piece that you need out of a standard extrusion shape. However, over the lifecycle of the profile that you create, you can save real money on production, fabrication, and other secondary operations. In fact, by eliminating the additional work that would need to be done to make a standard extrusion into the custom shape that you desire, you can also improve lead times to help get the parts, components, and products you need even faster.

Design to Prevent Corrosion

While aluminum already has a naturally occurring protective oxide layer that heals itself when scratched or damaged and prevents corrosion, there are certain environments and applications where additional protection is needed. Aerospace technology, abrasive environments, salt water exposure for marine products, and other industries often require extensive protection from corrosion, abrasion, or even chemical contact that can be solved with an aluminum extrusion. It is possible to design custom extrusion dies with corrosion issues in mind and eliminate common problems with specific components. You can also add extra finishing solutions that will further protect the piece when in use.

Design to Optimize Results

When you work with a team of engineers and technicians to work collaboratively with product development, you gain insight and experience that you would not have had access to otherwise. Silver City Aluminum knows that the sooner we start working with our clients in the developmental process, the better the results will be for everyone involved. If an aluminum profile review is not performed prior to manufacturing, there could be structural flaws or inherent issues that could cost the client a lot of time and money to correct. Our one stop shop fabrication facility works with clients from the initial design phase all the way through shipping without sending parts off to secondary manufacturers for any part of the project. This helps us to ensure optimal quality control every step of the way.

Design for Sustainability

In addition to all of the other benefits associated with the use of aluminum alloys in extrusion, the sustainability of the material itself makes it the perfect choice for many different manufacturing industries. As the world tries to increase fuel efficiency and recycling efforts, many are turning to aluminum due to all of its value-added benefits. Aluminum is lightweight, which means less energy is required to transport it and it can be used to reduce the weight of transportation vehicles, trailers, rail cars, and other elements to further decrease energy requirements. It is infinitely recyclable and extremely durable, and when used in residential or commercial construction, it has even more sustainability advantages.

Learn How to Design Custom Extrusion Dies

If you would like to learn more about profile development or how to prevent corrosion through design by working with our team of experienced engineers and technicians, give us a call at 508-824-8631. We are located in Taunton, Massachusetts, but we provide our quality one stop shop fabrication and extrusion services to clients across the country and all around the world. We can answer any questions that you might have about post extrusion operations, finishing solutions, and other strategic applications. Call Silver City Aluminum today for a FREE estimate, and initial consultation to design custom extrusion dies.