Marine Industry Aluminum Extrusions and Surface Treatments

Marine Industry Aluminum ExtrusionThere are many different ways that architects, designers, developers, and builders use extrusion solutions for marine industry solutions. Standard and custom aluminum extrusions can be created to provide strength while reducing weight compared to products made using other metal materials. Aluminum surface treatments can enhance the natural anti-corrosive benefits associated with using marine industry aluminum.

Aluminum extrusion is used across many different industries due to its large variety of inherent qualities. From custom designs to industry standard applications, custom aluminum extrusions can be used for everything from aerospace technology to structural supports for transportation and infrastructure. However, marine industry aluminum is by far one of the most demanding fields. Constant exposure to freshwater or saltwater environments and UV rays, it is important to choose materials that can stand up with strength and integrity.

A High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Perhaps one of the most valuable qualities associated with marine industry aluminum is its high strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminum weighs about one-third the weight of steel; however, its strength can be adjusted and increased simply by modifying the alloys that are used to create extrusion solutions for marine industry. When aluminum is selected for applications in transportation and many other industries, including the marine industry, it can be made to reduce dead-weight and energy consumption, while also decreasing the weight of the materials to boost load capacity.

The metals that aluminum is most like physically and mechanically include brass, copper, lead, steel, titanium, and zinc. The reason why it is included with this group is that they can all be melted and then cast, formed, and machined in much the same way as these metals. However, aluminum is much more malleable than most other metals, making it the best choice for custom aluminum extrusions. It is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and provides a natural protective oxide coating for corrosion resistance. Aluminum surface treatments can be added, including powder-coating, anodizing, and industrial paint solutions, depending on the demands of the part or product.

Other Qualities of Marine Industry Aluminum

While similar to these other commonly used metals, there are qualities associated with aluminum that make it a clear winner when it comes to creating standard and custom extrusion solutions for marine industry. Aluminum is a good reflector of light, and it has a low melting point and density. Impermeable and odorless, it does not allow light or materials out, even when created to a minimal thickness.

One hundred percent recyclable, even when recycled and used over and over again, aluminum retains all of its inherent qualities with absolutely no downgrade to its effectiveness. It only takes approximately five percent of the energy required to initially produce the material to recycle it for use in custom aluminum extrusions or other types of marine industry aluminum. That makes aluminum one of the most sustainable materials on the planet in addition to being the most abundant, naturally occurring metal in the earth’s crust.

Uses of Aluminum Extrusion in Marine Industry

The lower weight of aluminum compared to steel and other commonly used metals for marine industry construction solutions reduces the overall weight of the vessel, improving performance, fuel economy, and hauling capacity. While marine industry aluminum cannot replace all of the steel used in commercial marine applications, it can be used in certain areas to reduce weight and improve sustainability. Boat handrails, gangway platforms, gratings, windows and doors, ladders, hulls, deckhouses, tuna towers, leaning posts, T-tops, bow rails, tower supports, and ladder rung extensions are just some of the places that you will find standard and custom aluminum extrusions in the marine industry.

Aluminum surface treatments, such as anodizing, can be used to increase corrosion protection, durability, and textured function of the piece. Extrusion solutions for marine industry use include structural pipe, architectural angles, tees, channels, rectangular tubes, square tubes, flat bars, oval pipes, round pipes, and never-ending opportunities for using custom aluminum extrusions. Create your own custom profile to find industry solutions that will make improvements to existing options within the marine industry. Our team of engineers and technicians work with each client through the development phase to offer advice, support, and insight into design elements that can further enhance extrusions.

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