Secondary Operations: Our Aluminum Fabrication Capabilities

Secondary Operations Custom Aluminum ExtrusionA lot of discussion about the services available at our one-stop extrusion shop surround our expert ability to provide top quality custom aluminum extrusion and fabrication. While we are very proud of the services we are able to offer our clients, it is important to also consider all of the other options available at our Massachusetts facility. Our aluminum fabrication capabilities far exceed that of other local competitors. We offer CNC fabrication services and other secondary operations for aluminum extrusion that other facilities “send out” to third-party services to complete. This wastes time and costs more money for the client.

At Silver City Aluminum, we prefer to do it all in-house, so we can guarantee quality control from start to finish for every part, product, or component we create. Our fabrication department can provide custom fabrication for just about any part of the design process that our clients need to achieve their goals. Our entire team, from the initial sales call all the way to shipping and delivery, holds itself to the highest of quality standards. We strive to provide our clients with a finished product that far exceeds their expectations to provide them with the best return on their investment.

Deburring Services

One of the many aspects that separate our services from that of our competitors is that we de-burr all of our machined parts as part of the standard process. Other extrusion and fabrication facilities charge extra for this service. We perform deburring once all of the other secondary operations for aluminum extrusion have been completed, such as punching, mitering, cutting, sawing, and other types of fabrication. This is done to remove any small burrs that could be left behind during this stage of the project. Our commitment to quality control is displayed in our attention to detail as a means of ensuring client satisfaction with the finished product.

  • Vibratory Deburring Services – Our team uses vibratory deburring to produce a polished, finished result. It is excellent for high volume jobs, as it uses a very large, fully-automated tumbler encasement with a porcelain media. This process works to remove any burrs from the parts as they are vibrated and moved about the encasement area, but without scratching or damaging the materials.
  • Tumbler Deburring Services – Similar to vibratory deburring, the tumbler process continuously tumbles the parts at 360-degrees for a specific amount of time to achieve success in removing the burrs. Again, similar to vibratory deburring, tumbler deburring does not scratch or damage the materials.

CNC Fabrication Services

At Silver City Aluminum, we have the ability to provide fabrication for parts up to 30 feet in length. We process these long extrusions in our high-speed Emmegi CNC machines, which feature a 4+1 controlled axis that allows the spindle to be controlled continuously in the range of 0-180 degrees. We also have angle machining heads, which are responsible for machining all five faces of a processed part for consistent and professional results. These units can drill, machine, and tap at extremely tight tolerances, based on the unique needs of each client. We are proud of our aluminum fabrication capabilities, which help us to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients to provide quality aluminum extrusion and fabrication.

  • Robo Drill Units – Our technicians can fabricate short parts, ranging from a quarter of an inch to up to 27-inches in length with our high-speed Fanuc Robo Drill units. Using a 3-axis high-speed system, these units can machine parts to extremely tight tolerances and provide consistent results every single time.
  • Punching Services – Our team is particularly talented at the creation of custom pneumatic and hydraulic punches. We can create custom punches for both low and high volume jobs while maintaining the highest standards for quality and consistency for each order that we fill.
  • Sawing and Mitering Services – Our team utilizes two B&O state-of-the-art precision saws for finishing cutting of our aluminum extrusion and fabrication projects. Tight tolerances and pieces that range from one-quarter of an inch to 240-inches in length are no problem for our team. We can also miter parts that range from 22.5 to 135 degrees on parts that vary in length between 13.75 inches to 19 feet and 8-inches.

Contact Our Team for Details

If you are interested in learning more about our secondary operations for aluminum extrusion or want to add our CNC fabrication services to your order for aluminum extrusion and fabrication, give us a call at 508-824-8631. We are proud of our accomplishments and aluminum fabrication capabilities. Speak with one of our engineers or technicians to place your order for standard or custom aluminum fabrication.