Top Industries That Use Custom Aluminum Extrusion Solutions

Top Industries That Use Aluminum ExtrusionThere are many different industries that now use aluminum products to their advantage. From standard rod and bar aluminum to custom aluminum extrusion solutions, aluminum offers many benefits that other metals and materials cannot equal. The characteristics and properties of aluminum have made it such a widely used metal, providing strength, durability, lighter weight, and natural resistance to corrosion. The malleability of aluminum makes it the perfect choice for extrusion, providing engineers, designers, and manufacturers with the ability to create any shape or profile to meet the demands of their project.

The alloys used for aluminum extrusion solutions can vary, but the 6000-series is by far the most popular and is what we use at Silver City Aluminum. Our facility can help you maximize the advantages of using aluminum through the use of our wide variety of stock profiles and in-house engineering team, which can help you design quality aluminum products. Take advantage of our many years of knowledge and experience to further enhance the natural abilities of this amazing material. Whether you use it structurally or to reduce weight to improve fuel consumption, there are many ways to use aluminum to your advantage.

Which Industries Use Aluminum Extrusion?

A quick scan through the top industrial news will provide you with some insight as to the top industries using aluminum products to their advantage. The automotive industry, along with other facets of transportation manufacturing, has been using aluminum extrusion solutions for many years. However, use of aluminum products has increased in recent years as consumer demands and government regulations have pressured the industry to increase fuel mileage. The high strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum makes it the perfect choice to reduce the weight of vehicles, while still providing top safety and protection.

The aerospace industry also benefits from the advantages of using aluminum for the same reason. Lighter weight materials mean better fuel consumption in the air. Engineers are always looking for ways to reduce weight on aircraft to allow for more passengers or cargo to be carried in flight. The marine industry also benefits from aluminum products, which have a natural resistance to corrosion. This is beneficial in both fresh and saltwater, reducing the amount of corrosion and frequency of replaced parts for marine vessels. Additional coating methods, such as painting, powder-coating, and anodizing, can also be used to further enhance the corrosion resistance of standard rod and bar aluminum or custom aluminum extrusion solutions.

Other industries that rely on aluminum products include:

  • consumer goods manufacturing
  • restaurant/food service industry
  • hospitality industry
  • construction/architecture
  • shipping/trucking/transportation
  • computer/electronics/video/audio
  • industrial and municipal LED lighting
  • military/defense
  • agriculture

Top Advantages of Using Aluminum

There are many reasons to choose aluminum extrusion solutions over other materials and manufacturing methods, but when it comes to aluminum products, some qualities stand out over others. Aluminum can be recycled over and over again without losing any of its inherent properties. The advantages of using aluminum make it very popular across just about every type of industry all around the globe.

#1 – Lightweight – Compared to other metals, aluminum weighs less by volume. It is about a third of the weight for steel, copper, iron, and brass, making it easier to handle, less costly to ship, and the perfect choice for improving fuel economy in consumer vehicles.

#2 – Strength – The high strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum is impressive! It can be made as strong as it is needed for most applications through heat treating and the extrusion process itself. Unlike steel, which can become brittle in extremely cold temperatures, aluminum actually becomes stronger in cold weather, providing long-lasting durability.

#3 – Conductor of Heat – Aluminum products are frequently used in applications that require heat exchangers, as it is an amazing conductor of heat and cold. In fact, aluminum conducts heat and cold better than most other commonly used metals.

#4 – Conductor of Electricity – In addition to being a great conductor of heat and cold, aluminum products also conduct electricity. Many bulk power transmissions utilize aluminum these days, as aluminum is twice as conductive as copper, which is also commonly used for this purpose. Aluminum is also more cost-effective than copper and less attractive to would-be thieves making it an excellent choice for projects of all sizes.

#5 – Non-Corrosive – The natural anti-corrosion ability of aluminum is remarkable. Aluminum extrusion solutions can take advantage of this unique ability to protect the part, product, or component from rust and other types of corrosion. The naturally-occurring oxide film can be further enhanced through the use of various finishing techniques, including anodizing, powder-coating, and painting.

#6 – Non-Magnetic – Another advantage is that aluminum is non-magnetic and can be used in high-voltage applications and in products such as electronics and computers, where magnetic fields are used or where sensitive magnetic devices are required.

#7 – Non-Sparking – Another area where aluminum products can be used is in flammable environments. It does not emit sparks, making it a great choice for use with explosive materials and products.

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