Custom Aluminum Extrusion: Advantages of Custom Engineering

Benefits of Custom Aluminum Extrusion DesignWhen you work with an experienced extrusion facility like Silver City Aluminum for aluminum extrusion design, you might be surprised to discover all of the standard or stock options available for extrusion and fabrication. However, for developers that are working to create new products or improve upon existing products, nothing beats custom design for the best results. There are many advantages associated with custom engineering for the aluminum extrusion industry, just as there are many benefits to using extrusion instead of other types of manufacturing. When you create your own custom design, you can eliminate issues experienced with other types of fabrication and can further enhance the qualities of the material when used under the guidance of experienced engineers and technicians.

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Take advantage of this clear benefit associated with aluminum extrusion and fabrication. Compared to other metals commonly used in fabrication, custom aluminum products are lighter in weight, while still achieving high strength abilities. What that means for industries in the transportation and automotive fields are lighter weight parts and components to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, greatly improving fuel economy. Other industries take advantage of this high strength-to-weight ratio, including aerospace, marine, military, defense, construction, and consumer goods.

Natural Corrosion Protection

Through the development of custom aluminum products, our team has become quite adept at learning how to increase the natural protection from corrosion in aluminum products. Preventing corrosion through design can enhance the abilities of aluminum parts, products, and components, increasing the durability and lifecycle of the finished product. The aluminum extrusion industry has worked for decades to make these types of marked improvements, so it pays to work with an experienced engineer in aluminum extrusion design so you can take advantage of their knowledge and industrial experience to protect your products from rust and other types of corrosion.

Reduced Overhead

Another reason why the aluminum extrusion industry has taken off is that the use of this particular material can seriously reduce overhead. The cost for recycled aluminum materials, which fully retain all of the inherent qualities of primary production aluminum, is much cheaper than other materials often used in industry. Aluminum is very malleable, making it easier to use in extrusion and fabrication than other metals. It’s lighter weight also makes it cheaper to ship and transport, further reducing costs for the project. Custom aluminum products can be created to eliminate additional secondary operations, including welds and other joining procedures. This can cut costs considerably over the use of standard extrusions or products made with other materials that cannot be extruded.

Enhanced Appearance Options

In addition to just looking great as-is after extrusion and fabrication, aluminum extrusion design can be further enhanced through a variety of finishing options. At Silver City Aluminum, we provide our clients with the opportunity to take advantage of our in-house finishing services. This includes powder-coating and painting services, which can be used for aesthetic purposes, as well as to increase strength and protection of the finished product. The aluminum extrusion industry has developed many methods for finishing, which can be used to provide color, texture, sheen, shine, and protection for custom aluminum products.

Recyclable and Sustainable

Two of the most used buzzwords in American industry today can be easily applied to the aluminum extrusion industry. Aluminum can be recycled over and over again without losing any of its essential qualities and benefits. In fact, at Silver City Aluminum, we use aluminum billets for the production of our custom aluminum products that are made from 99.9 percent recycled aluminum. This gives our clients the opportunity to increase their sustainability, reduce their carbon footprint, work with recycled materials, and even become eligible for LEED Certification and other environmental accolades within their industries.

Expert Engineering and Advice

When you work with our team of highly trained and experienced engineers, designers, and technicians for standard and custom aluminum extrusion and fabrication, you gain the insight that can only come from decades of hands-on work in the aluminum extrusion industry. We can help you achieve all of your goals at our one-stop extrusion and fabrication shop whether you require standard or custom aluminum products.

Our team can help you design lightweight structures that can be assembled easily, maximize the strength-to-weight ratios of the chosen aluminum alloy, and take advantage of geometric properties to further reduce material waste. We offer secondary operations, specialty services, and finishing options at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility, servicing clients all over the United States and around the globe. Give us a call at 508-824-8631 to speak with one of our team members or to place an order for aluminum extrusion design.