Rod & Bar Aluminum: Clear Advantages of Standard Extrusions

Advantages of Standard Aluminum ExtrusionsWe talk a lot about custom profiles for aluminum extrusion here at Silver City Aluminum. That’s because we are proud of the work that we do for the aluminum extrusion industry. Our team of highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable engineers and technicians help our clients to create smarter, stronger, and better parts, products, and components each and every day. There is no problem we can’t solve and no solution that we can’t discover when we work together toward a goal.

However, it is also important to talk about standard extrusions, such as hollow aluminum tubes or rod and bar aluminum. At Silver City Aluminum, we have lots of excellent standard or stock profiles for our clients to choose from to create high quality extruded parts. We work with a wide variety of industries, including automotive, consumer goods, marine, lighting, construction, and much more. As a result, you can imagine that we have collected quite the treasure trove of standard shapes.

Quality Matters for All Types of Extrusions

We apply the same dedication to creating standard extrusions for our clients as we do for our custom pieces. You can count on every single order we fill to meet up to the same quality control and standards that we provide for our custom extrusions. Standard aluminum extrusion shapes are used in many areas of our lives. Aluminum door frames, window frames, display frames, picture frames, and hardware for LED lighting are just some of the ways that it is used. Manufacturers can take the standard shape and customize it to get unique results, overcome issues in design, or improve quality in their finished piece.

Aluminum that has been extruded will have a much better surface finish than metals that have not been worked in this way. Putting the heated metal through the extrusion process helps to harden it and further enhance the natural qualities of this fantastic material. These benefits are available in all types of extrusion, not just custom designs. The inherent qualities of aluminum, such as a natural oxidation layer that protects it from corrosion and the high strength-to-weight ratio, make it an obvious choice for many industries. Our engineers have the experience necessary to get the best results out of each order they fill.

Finishing Options

Standard extrusions, such as hollow aluminum tubes, T-shape, L-shape, C-shape, and common rod and bar aluminum, can all be treated with additional finishing techniques. These options are done for a number of reasons, such as to improve the finished appearance of the piece or to increase protection for use in an abrasive or corrosive environment. The finishing options that we provide in-house at Silver City Aluminum for custom and standard extrusions include painting, powder-coating, and anodizing. Our methods are designed to exceed the aluminum extrusion industry standards to provide top quality results.

  • Painting – We start the process with a pre-treat system that includes a four-step wash, which consists of an etch, a clean wash, a neutralizing wash, and then a standard pre-wash. We do this to guarantee excellent adhesion to the aluminum pieces for long-lasting life. The next step is to apply the painting service. We use a vertical electrostatic Polycron line that can handle parts up to 21-feet in length. We apply the paint at 2ml’s wet in thickness, and our team checks each piece on the line by hand as it makes its way through the process. The painted parts are then cured with a baking method in one of our special ovens.
  • Powder-Coating – Our team works with several different powder coaters and anodizers in order to provide a finish and completed look that will meet or exceed each client’s expectations. The lead time for this finishing option will depend on the part that is being finished and the selection of powder-coating and anodizers that are used. We can do big pieces and short pieces, big runs and small runs, and provide options that include clear coating, black, or custom multi-color selections, based on the client’s needs.

We Go Above and Beyond

At Silver City Aluminum, nothing we do is standard. We go above and beyond the expectations of the aluminum extrusion industry to provide our clients with top quality results. Whether you want custom or standard extrusions, rod and bar aluminum, or specialized hollow aluminum tubes, we can do it all. Secondary operations can also be performed after extrusion, providing even more opportunity for customization. We do it all in-house, saving you both time and money. Our lead times are some of the best in the business and, in extreme situations, we can also provide expedited services for clients who require even faster delivery. Give us a call at 508-542-7200 and speak with one of our team members to learn for yourself why Silver City Aluminum is the best choice for all of your aluminum extrusion needs.