Sustainable Aluminum Extrusions: Benefits of Aluminum Stairs

Extruded Aluminum Stairs BenefitsExtruded aluminum is used in a number of ways across many different industries. However, it is often the common applications of this dynamic material that are the most impressive. Sustainable aluminum extrusions can be used for consumer products and in the construction of buildings, homes, and other structures that we use every day. Aluminum stairs are just one example of using the benefits of standard and custom aluminum extrusion to your advantage. Manufacturers are looking at new ways to use aluminum alloys in the creation of their products. The high strength-to-weight ratio and lower cost associated with creating and transporting extruded aluminum make it a very attractive material.

A Smart Alternative to Traditional Materials

Traditionally, most stair systems are made out of concrete, steel or wood. However, sustainable aluminum extrusions provide similar strength at only 30 percent the weight of steel. Not only does that reduce the weight requirements for construction crews, but it also makes them easier to transport and install. Aluminum stairs can be used in everything from commercial buildings to industrial structures, including modular buildings, marine facilities, community parks, and local schools. They can even be used in modern residential construction to provide an aesthetically-pleasing, yet strong and durable alternative to traditional materials.

Extruded aluminum is frequently used to create stairs, ramps, and platforms. It is used as a permanent solution for a finished building or project, as well as a temporary solution at construction sites. Custom aluminum extrusion can be used to bridge uneven terrain, gain access to various building levels, create safe passage over hilly landscapes, and even to support retaining walls. Road and rail embankments, gravel pits, and other common construction projects can also benefit from sustainable aluminum extrusions. There are many advantages associated with aluminum alloys that are commonly used in extruded aluminum. Aluminum stairs are really just the beginning, as this material is used in many ways for structural support.

Advantages of Aluminum Stairs

Some of the other reasons why aluminum stairs are beneficial include flexibility. The systems used to create aluminum stairs out of extruded aluminum utilize floating joints and footing that is not permanently attached to the ground. In the event of an earthquake or other situation, aluminum stairs will be able to withstand ground shifts that might topple other types of construction. Unlike wood or concrete, aluminum can resist damage caused by rising water levels in a flood or other weather-related situation, due to the open construction of the stair system. Heavy loads can be applied to aluminum stairs, ramps, and platforms. For example, a standard aluminum stairway can support loads of more than 1600 pounds, while only weighing about 200 pounds in total.

Unlike other materials, extruded aluminum products look great. Even without any further finishing coatings, such as powder-coating or painting, aluminum stairs are very attractive. They can be used outdoors or indoors and created in an unlimited number of shapes and configurations. When they are powder-coated or painted, aluminum stairs will be able to resist rust and corrosion or be designed to reflect a certain color scheme, texture, or sheen, based on the customer’s needs. Much safer than wood, which can become slippery when exposed to the elements, aluminum stairs and systems can be designed to be slip-resistant. Cold temperatures only make aluminum alloys stronger, and excellent heat conductivity provides safe use regardless of the time of year.

Non-flammable, no toxic fumes, and very low-maintenance, there are lots of advantages to choosing standard or custom aluminum extrusion for stair systems. Non-corrosive, non-combustible, aluminum stairs will not rot like wood or rust like steel, keeping servicing, repairs, and ongoing maintenance to a minimum. Aluminum stairs are also code-compliant, providing ADA Compliance access to buildings. Great for modular structures, municipal buildings, historical sites, and portable classrooms, aluminum stairs can help to meet all accessibility regulations and requirements.

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