How Standard & Custom Aluminum Extrusion is Used in Industry

How Aluminum Extrusion is UsedThere are many benefits of aluminum products in our daily lives. A simple aluminum alloy can be transformed into a standard shape or custom aluminum extrusion and be used in many ways. There are many different aluminum products that we use every day. We use it in consumer products and essential components for telecommunications, mass transit, electronics, automotive, renewable energy, aerospace, and other industries. Aluminum fabrication shops have learned to make the most of the inherent qualities of this amazing metal, enhancing its abilities and benefits.

The extrusion process itself takes advantages of aluminum’s excellent malleability. It heats up billets of aluminum alloy to a specific temperature, which allows them to soften and be pressed through steel dies at high pressure. The results are pieces of aluminum that are created in a specific shape, according to the desired profile. Simple and complicated shapes can be designed, according to the unique needs of the project. Silver City Aluminum specializes in custom aluminum extrusion, providing top quality products, pieces, parts, and components for our clients.

Short Lead Times, Quality Products

When you work with our team, you will get results that adhere to the absolute best standards of quality control and service in the industry. Our mission is to provide each client with a superior custom aluminum extrusion product that will meet or exceed their expectations. We can achieve this by keeping our focus on the application of the product. What will it be used for? Where will it be used? Does it require any special enhancements or qualities? We have discovered that the more involved we get from the very beginning stages of product development, the better we can help our clients. We take pride in getting fully involved in the design process for every project that we produce.

Our many years of experience working with aluminum products at our one-stop aluminum fabrication shop has helped us to provide better service as well. We are very proud of our lead times, as they far exceed most standards in the aluminum extrusion industry. Because we do everything in-house, including secondary operations and finishing services, we can reduce the lead time considerably. The industry standard is 30-45 days from the date of order to the day that the products are delivered to the client. We have the unique ability to get a fully finished custom aluminum extrusion delivered to our clients within 3-4 weeks maximum.

We are very proud of our STANDARD lead time, but we are also able to provide special orders for our clients in emergency situations. If necessary, orders can be delivered within three days to a week as a special favor to our valued clients. Our commitment to quality control and exceptional customer service is revealed in every single order we produce.

Benefits of Aluminum Products

In addition to creating standard and custom aluminum extrusion for our clients, we also offer all of the fabrication and finishing required to complete the project. Many of our extrusions will pass through other areas of our aluminum fabrication shops on-site, to include secondary operations and special coatings. Cutting, punching, machining, mitering, precision sawing, heli-coiling, de-burring, and even assembly are all provided at our facility. We help our clients take advantage of all the benefits of aluminum products, creating complex custom shapes and simple structural shapes to meet their needs. Aluminum rods, bars, pipes, tubes, angles, channels, tees, zees, H-beams, I-beams, and hex products can all be used to create aluminum products.

The high strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum makes it extremely beneficial for industries like transportation and construction. A fraction of the weight associated with steel products of the same size and strength, manufacturers can use aluminum to their advantage. For consumer vehicles, mass transportation, and the trucking industry, that translates to reduced fuel consumption due to the lower weight of the finished product. As demand has grown for better fuel mileage, the benefits of aluminum products have been exploited to achieve the desired results. In construction, aluminum products can retain strength and flexibility even under heavy loads, springing back into shape after the shock of impact.

Other Industries That Use Aluminum Products

Standard and custom aluminum extrusion are all around us. Another benefit of aluminum is that it is a great conductor of heat. In fact, it conducts heat very efficiently, which is why it is found inside of heaters, radiators, air conditioners, condenser tubes, nuclear reactors, and computer heating and cooling devices. Aluminum is also frequently used in thawing units, freezers, audio-visual systems, and electronics. Also, aluminum is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion without any additional treatment. Finishing applications can be added, such as powder-coating or painting, to further enhance the protective film of this incredible metal.

Aluminum is also non-magnetic, which makes it ideal to use as a housing for coaxial cables and wires. Aluminum fabrication shops often create aluminum products for use in high-voltage applications or anywhere else that magnetic devices are in-use. Other benefits of aluminum products include its highly reflective nature. This makes aluminum a great choice for shielding products or for use in applications where the reflection of radio waves, light, or infrared radiation is required. Environmentally friendly, due to its ability to be recycled and reused infinitely without losing any of its inherent qualities, aluminum is a top choice for LEED Certified construction.

To learn more about standard and custom aluminum extrusion or the benefits of aluminum products in industry, give us a call at 508-824-8631. Located in Taunton, Massachusetts, Silver City Aluminum provides top quality aluminum products to clients across the country and around the globe.