Standard & Custom Solutions: The Advantages of Using Aluminum

Advantages of Aluminum ProductsWhether you choose to use a standard rod and bar aluminum, or if you prefer custom aluminum extrusion solutions, there are many advantages. The aluminum material itself brings a whole host of benefits, including a natural resistance to corrosion and the ability to be easily shaped. Additional services, including fabrication and secondary operations, allow for further customization. When you stop to count the advantages of using aluminum in modern industry, it is no wonder that it is used by so many manufacturers. Aluminum products are used throughout the United States and all around the globe by consumers, commercial businesses, and industry.

Transportation Industry

Right now, aluminum products are a big deal for the transportation industry. As more manufacturers try to reduce fuel consumption to make vehicles more efficient, aluminum plays a big role. The advantages of using aluminum for consumer vehicles and commercial vehicles is clear. The high strength-to-weight ratio of rod and bar aluminum, or even custom aluminum extrusion solutions pay off big time. There really are many advantages associated with choosing this very popular metal for the transportation industry.

Safe parts, components, and products can be used throughout the transportation industry while reducing the overall weight of the vehicle. In fact, pound for pound, aluminum has the ability to absorb twice the “crash energy” of steel. This means that it performs even greater than steel parts in an accident. Crash rails made out of aluminum will fold up like an accordion, directing energy away from the occupants. The lower weight of aluminum materials makes the vehicle easier to handle and can improve performance, stopping distance, and fuel economy.

Sustainable Material

Another benefit of choosing to use aluminum extrusion solutions for manufacturing is that aluminum is a sustainable material. It can be recycled again and again without losing any of its inherent qualities. This is why aluminum products are the sustainable material of choice across many different industries. As consumers become more aware of the need for sustainability and governing bodies hold manufacturers accountable, use of aluminum will continue to grow. Increasing demand for efficient, sustainable, and durable products make the advantages of using aluminum clear.

Aluminum is also lightweight and provides increased value through its ability to lower energy costs and reduce carbon emissions. It can be used in a number of unique ways due to its many benefits. Rod and bar aluminum are frequently used in construction. The anti-corrosive advantages of aluminum products make it an excellent choice for commercial and residential projects. The lighter weight of aluminum helps to also reduce shipping costs for businesses compared to other metals. There are many ways that aluminum helps companies to be more fuel efficient and save money.

A Growing Industry

Demand for aluminum products has increased so much that the industry itself has grown as well. The aluminum industry, which includes a number of manufacturing jobs nationwide, supports over 672,000 Americans and creates $152 billion in economic output for our country alone. Designers, engineers, technicians, and other laborers are part of an advanced manufacturing workforce that receives an average compensation that exceeds the national average.

Since 2009, demand for aluminum products has increased by over 30 percent. The aluminum industry is continuing to grow and expand as more industries turn to aluminum extrusion solutions. Military contractors, marine manufacturers, automotive companies, electronics businesses – they are all benefiting from the advantages of using aluminum in their respective industries. How can aluminum benefit your business? What are some ways that the qualities of aluminum can give you an advantage? Light in weight, high in strength, naturally resistant to rust and other corrosives – there are just so many reasons to consider aluminum for industry.

Part of Our Daily Lives

Most people don’t even realize just how important a role aluminum products play in their daily lives. Airplanes, electronic gadgets, food safety, heating and cooling, residential construction, automotive, public transportation, and much more are all made using aluminum materials. One study revealed that people today use more aluminum in their daily lives than they ever have in the 125 years that the aluminum has been in commercial production. That’s quite a statement!

Custom aluminum extrusion solutions give businesses a huge advantage. At Silver City Aluminum, our team of experienced engineers and designers help our clients to design custom aluminum products. We help them maximize the advantages of using aluminum to meet their needs, reduce overhead costs, and create valuable solutions. Whether you need standard rod and bar aluminum or require something more custom, our team can help you to achieve your goals. Give us a call at 508-542-7200 and speak with one of our technicians to start your order or to learn more about the services we provide.