Benefits of Aluminum Products for Forward-Thinking Industries

Custom Aluminum Extrusion in IndustryIt seems as though every industry is working to find new ways to reduce pollution, waste, and create sustainable products. Custom aluminum extrusion provides businesses with a great way to meet consumer and industry demands. Sustainable aluminum extrusions can be used in a number of ways, reducing fuel requirements and increasing customer satisfaction across the board. When it comes right down to it, the basic physical properties of the metal itself are key to the benefits of aluminum products. Consider using extruded aluminum, whether standard or custom in design, to help your business stay ahead of the competition.

The Basics of Aluminum

Aluminum is what is known as an elemental material. That means that the basic properties of this metal will not change, regardless of the mechanical or physical processing that is used to shape it. Standard and custom aluminum extrusion can even enhance the properties of aluminum, helping to make it stronger and more durable for certain applications. Once produced, aluminum can be recycled over and over again without losing any of its basic properties and advantages. It can be reused in industrial and consumer products without fail.

Other materials do not fare as well as extruded aluminum. Even other materials that are known as “sustainable” cannot compare with sustainable aluminum extrusions. For example, carbon-based organic materials like natural fiber, wood, and even plastics, are completely changed through the simple process of heating and cooling. Mechanical processing of these materials destroys the configuration within the individual molecules, completely altering the basic properties of the material. This is why so many industries tout the benefits of aluminum products and use it today in many different ways.

Unique Physical Properties

Other advantages associated with using standard or custom aluminum extrusion are found in the unique physical properties of the metal itself. This is especially true when other metals are combined with it to create aluminum alloys. Some alloys have an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio, while others have increased conductivity for heat and electricity. Boosted corrosion resistance and better malleability or elasticity are some of the other benefits seem with various aluminum alloys.

At Silver City Aluminum, we primarily use aluminum alloys in the 6000-series, including 6063, 6005, and 6463. The 6000-series is the best for extruded aluminum, providing clear advantages that help us to create a wide variety of high-quality products for our clients. The 6000-series is frequently used for the creation of sustainable aluminum extrusions, as it is more malleable and cost-effective to use than other aluminum alloy series. The alloy materials used with the 6000-series include manganese and silicon, as well as a combination of other materials. It can be used to create extruded aluminum and also for welding fabrication and other types of product design.

Minimizing Waste

At Silver City Aluminum, we work to reduce waste to create even more sustainable aluminum extrusions for our clients. Our efforts to minimize waste also helps to reduce costs for the client, making the benefits of aluminum products even more clear. Extruded aluminum requires the use of aluminum billets, which we purchase from several different suppliers. The billets we use are made from 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum. We receive the billets in long lengths, but once they arrive, we cut the seven-inch diameter materials into the proper size, according to the client’s needs.

This approach helps to minimize scrap and reduce the amount of aluminum that needs to go back through the recycling process. In the grand scheme of things, this also works to reduce energy consumption and pollution. However, the amount of energy needed to recycle aluminum is significantly less than what it takes to obtain raw aluminum in the first place. We calculate the cuts that we use for our billets according to the length and weight of the profile. We use this method for both standard and custom aluminum extrusion.

Is Aluminum Right for You?

Many different industries use sustainable aluminum extrusions for consumer and industry products. The automotive industry has increased its use of extruded aluminum in recent years to meet demands for lower fuel consumption in consumer and professional vehicles. Aerospace, marine, consumer goods, military, transportation, construction, and many other industries also depend on the benefits of aluminum products. If you are interested in learning more about standard or custom aluminum extrusion, give us a call at 508-824-8631. Located in Taunton, Massachusetts, we provide quality services to clients all across the country and around the world.