Anodizing Aluminum Extrusion for High-Quality Finished Results

Anodized Custom Aluminum ExtrusionThe process of anodizing involves multiple variables that can ultimately affect the quality of the finished results. This electrochemical process creates a coating that is both decorative and durable, enhancing the products created through standard and custom aluminum extrusion. Everything from the choices made to extrude aluminum alloys of various types to work done to prepare the surface for anodizing will affect the finished product.

The aluminum extrusion industry has made many advances that have benefited clients with a growing interest in sustainable materials. Once the goals and expectations of the client are understood, it becomes easier for the manufacturer to meet or exceed their needs through quality control. Silver City Aluminum has embraced an approach that incorporates best industry practices to get the best results. We do this at every stage of the process for designing custom profiles and finishing aluminum products.

Choosing the Best Aluminum Alloys

The first step toward creating beautifully finished products is choosing the best material for the project. At Silver City Aluminum, we work with aluminum alloys in the 6000-series, including 6064, 6005, and 6463. These are some of the most popular alloys used for manufacturing parts, components, and products for the clients that we serve. It is used by many different manufacturers and industries due to its strength, malleability, surface finish, and resistance to corrosion.

For consistency, it is important to try and use aluminum alloy materials from the same lot throughout the job. While the elemental makeup might be the same, there can still be variations within the supply depending on the provider. The quality prior to anodizing aluminum depends on a number of factors, but the materials themselves play a very significant role. Of the alloys that we use, 6463 is considered to be the best choice for anodizing, providing excellent results for architectural and structural industries.

Preparing the Surface

The next step in the process involves preparing the surface before anodizing. When you extrude aluminum alloys, it is important to have all of the fabrication and secondary operations completed before finishing. Custom aluminum extrusion can involve a lot of steps, so it pays to do everything in order. Our technicians consider every aspect of the surface preparation of the aluminum alloy itself before the items are sent to anodizing. The handling and care of the parts should be consistent to ensure the best results throughout the anodizing process.

Speak with our technicians about the preparation done for aluminum extrusion industry parts before they are anodized. If your parts, components, or products are not well-suited for anodizing aluminum, ask about other finishing options. High-quality painting and other processes can be used to provide aesthetic and protective layers for your custom aluminum extrusion. Silver City Aluminum has many years of experience working with finishing aluminum parts and products. Take advantage of all the knowledge at our disposal to make the best choice for your project.

Quality Powders & Methods

At Silver City Aluminum, we work with several different powder coaters and anodizers. We do this to provide our clients with a finish that will meet their needs for appearance, texture, and protection. Depending on the choices that are made, this could possibly increase lead time. However, since we do everything in-house, our team can help to reduce the time that it takes to complete your project, depending on your needs. We offer finishings to provide a protective coating, as well as to create the aesthetic look that our clients desire.

Short and long pieces can be finished when anodizing aluminum, as well as large and small orders. Choose from clear anodizing, black anodizing, multi-color anodizing, and custom anodizing for your parts, components, and products. If you require more information on our anodizing options for custom aluminum extrusion, give us a call. Our team can provide you with details regarding the materials and products that we use, as well as the methods that are incorporated into the process.

Give us a call at 508-824-8631 or use our online Contact Form to reach our team. Silver City Aluminum provides fully custom services for the aluminum extrusion industry from design all the way to shipping. We do everything in-house, which means that we maintain quality control from start to finish. If you are interested in getting a FREE estimate for any of the services we provide for standard and custom aluminum extrusion, contact our Massachusetts office today.