Custom Aluminum Extrusion: Saving Time & Money for Industry

Regardless of the industry that you work in, it is very likely that you are always searching for new ways to reduce costs and save time to streamline the manufacture of parts, products, and components. Custom aluminum extrusion can help businesses in many ways. It is easy to add other customizations at our one-stop fabrication and extrusion shop, including the design of sustainable aluminum extrusions, secondary operations, and even coating or painting aluminum products. Specialized services, such as heli-coiling and assembly, can also be completed at our location, further saving you time and money compared to outsourcing the work to someone else or having it done in-house back at your shop.

In addition to doing everything in-house at our northeastern location, which can help to reduce lead time and improve quality control significantly, there are other reasons why our clients can save time and money with custom aluminum extrusion design. Take a look at the reasons listed below and see how they might apply to your business. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians can help you to create custom aluminum extrusion profiles, suggest the best alloys for your project, and even help you pick out the best coating solutions to meet your needs.

Small & Large Orders

Depending on your needs, you might only require a small production run. However, as your company grows and demand increases, sustainable aluminum extrusions can be increased to create larger orders based on your requirements. Small and large runs of aluminum extrusion design can be much more affordable than trying to create the parts and components using other means. Some businesses may start out with standard profile designs, and then, as the company grows and the product that they are creating becomes more advanced, they begin to design their own custom aluminum extrusion dies to create even more cost-effective options designed to reduce the amount of time spent in assembly or with secondary operations.

Aluminum extrusion design allows our clients to be more flexible and allows their orders to grow along with their business to create more affordable solutions. So whether you need to increase or decrease your order, customize the design of your extrusion or even begin painting aluminum products, our team can help you to achieve your goals. Our many years of experience working with clients across just about every industry can be used to your benefit, providing you with ideas and options designed to save you both time and money while adapting and growing right along with your product demand.

Standard & Custom Tolerances

It is essential to understand what type of aluminum extrusion design will be more costly than others. For example, a custom aluminum extrusion that is produced according to the tolerances set by industry standards will be much more cost-effective than a profile that requires special tolerances. However, if you do have special requirements, our engineers can help you to reduce costs by finding a new way to achieve the shapes that you desire through the use of in-house fabrication and assembly. Our team can go over your custom design with you to find opportunities that will allow you to reduce costs for production or even possibly eliminate special tolerances that will drive up prices for extrusion.

Product Shape & Size

The next area of design for custom aluminum extrusion that can either save you money or increase costs is the shape and size of the item itself. Whether you are creating small parts and components for a more extensive project, or if you are creating a more significant piece, it is essential to pay attention to industry standards for sustainable aluminum extrusions to determine the cost. For example, extrusions that are hollow or semi-hollow will be a bit more costly than solid shapes. Shapes that are symmetrical will also be more cost-effective than shapes that are asymmetrical. However, it is important to point out that even if an aluminum extrusion design is very complex and more costly initially, yet it saves labor and additional fabrication costs for machining and assembly later, it can be worth the investment.

The size of the piece that you are creating is also important when considering cost. Warehouse lengths are available for standard or stock extrusions to help reduce cost. These longer lengths can be cut according to your needs at your shop to help save money on your order. This is an excellent idea for smaller orders for low volume companies or businesses that are just starting out. As your production volume increases, the lengths can be cut according to precise requirements to help reduce scrap, waste, and time spent cutting them once they are received. Again, our team of engineers and technicians can provide you with all of the information that you need to make decisions about the size, length, and customization of your aluminum extrusion design to help you save time and money during production.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion at Silver City Aluminum

If you are interested in getting a FREE estimate for custom aluminum extrusion or sustainable aluminum extrusions for your next project, give us a call at 508-824-8631. Silver City Aluminum offers a variety of secondary operations and finishing services, including anodizing, powder coating and painting aluminum products. Call today to speak with one of our engineers about custom aluminum extrusion design for your business today.