Custom Aluminum Extrusion for Sustainable Industry Solutions

Manufacturers that are searching for sustainable industry solutions need to look no further than the aluminum industry for options that will help them create custom products that are strong, durable, long-lasting, and made from recycled materials. Compared to other metals, aluminum has a much longer life cycle. Aluminum is one of the most recycled and re-used materials on the planet, perhaps because it can be recycled again and again without losing its inherent qualities.

Aluminum fabrication shops can help industries by providing quality, sustainable aluminum extrusions for parts or as specific products, such as aluminum doors and windows. The ability to design and produce custom aluminum extrusion according to a company’s unique specifications provides even more benefits. A one stop shop fabrication, extrusion, and finishing facility, such as Silver City Aluminum, offers unlimited options, reduced lead times, and higher quality control.

The Facts About Aluminum

Studies reveal that two-thirds of all the aluminum that has ever been produced remains in use today. Recycling and re-using aluminum has less of an impact on the environment than mining and refining raw aluminum materials. As a result, one of the biggest advantages of choosing aluminum is to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with selecting a material that is 99.9 percent recycled aluminum. Custom aluminum extrusion reduces waste even further by creating specific shapes that require less work at aluminum fabrication shops.

Sustainable aluminum extrusions have a natural protection against corrosion in the form of a thin oxidized layer that naturally forms on the surface of aluminum. It is self-healing, which means that if it is scratched or damaged, it can “heal” itself to prevent corrosion or rust from occurring. That makes things like aluminum doors and windows even more beneficial to consumers, designing them to be more durable and long-lasting. Products that last long are considered sustainable, compared to products that need to be frequently replaced, resulting in a more significant drain on natural resources, energy consumption for production, and greenhouse gas emissions.

One Stop Shop Fabrication

Silver City Aluminum is what people in the industry consider a “one stop shop” fabrication facility. What that means is that we do everything in-house at our facility instead of sending it out to be done at other shops. If our clients want custom aluminum extrusion profiles to be created to produce a specific shape, size, or type of part, our team of engineers will work with them to design a profile according to their specifications. If our clients want extra fabrication work for their parts or products, we can do all of that on-site, including precision sawing, mitering, and punching. If our clients want additional finishing operations added to their order, such as powder-coating, painting, or anodizing, we do all of that in-house as well.

A one stop shop fabrication approach creates sustainable aluminum extrusions that are of a higher quality than you might find at other aluminum fabrication shops. They are under our control and supervision throughout the entire process. Our team provides point inspections at every stage of the process to ensure quality control. Instead of waiting for your parts of products to travel from our shop to another shop and then back again for the next operation, it all happens on-site to reduce lead times and help us fill our orders at a much faster pace without compromising quality. Our team of highly trained engineers and technicians work together to ensure that we are producing top quality standard and custom aluminum extrusions to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.

Why Sustainability Matters

At Silver City Aluminum, we get a lot of clients who specifically seek out the design and production of sustainable aluminum extrusions. We purchase our raw aluminum billet from several different suppliers. The materials that we choose are 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum. We pay close attention to reducing waste, so when we receive the billet from our suppliers, we cut the long lengths of seven-inch diameter pieces into the proper size, according to the demands of the project. This helps to minimize scrap and assists in reducing costs for the client as well. We cut the billets based on the length and weight of the profile that we will be extruding at our one stop shop fabrication facility.

Sustainability is a growing concern and interest for many companies in just about every single industry. From automotive to marine, construction to aerospace, consumer goods, LED lighting, and everything in between, sustainability matters. Our clients choose custom aluminum extrusion for things like aluminum doors and windows or parts for the transportation industry because they care about the environment and the impact that their business has on our natural resources. Aluminum is a strong and durable material that helps them to create quality products for industry solutions that are designed to outlast other materials and provide a long life cycle. Aluminum is a top choice for automotive companies looking to reduce fuel economy and construction businesses who are looking to achieve LEED certification status for their building projects.

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If you are interested in learning more about sustainable aluminum extrusions or if you would like to get a free estimate for the design of custom aluminum extrusion profiles from our one stop shop fabrication facility, give us a call at 508-824-8631. Our team can help you get started with design or assist you in the selection of standard stock extrusions to satisfy your needs and specifications. Speak with one of our technicians and learn for yourself why so many clients around the globe trust Silver City Aluminum over other aluminum fabrication shops in the United States for the production of quality aluminum extrusions.