Secondary Operations for Custom Aluminum Extrusion

There are many ways to create custom products, parts, and pieces using aluminum extrusion. Even standard profiles can be customized through the use of secondary operations to suit the needs and requirements of the client better. Post extrusion operations, including sawing and deburring, CNC machining, anodizing, and even heli-coiling in New England, can help to create a more useful and beneficial finished result. Our goal is to provide our clients with fully finished products that either meet or exceed their expectations. We are able to achieve that goal by doing all of the work in-house at our one-stop shop facility, which gives us the unique opportunity for ensuring quality control every step of the way.

Extrusion and Fabrication Capabilities
Silver City Aluminum has earned a solid reputation in the aluminum extrusion industry for providing top quality custom profiles. We help our clients to design custom aluminum extrusion that will enhance their finished products and meet the highest quality standards. We can custom fabricate just about any part or design that our clients require. All of our secondary operations are done in-house, including options for assembly and custom packing capabilities. In fact, we even inspect and ship all of our orders to guarantee quality upon receipt for every single order that we produce. Located in Taunton, Massachusetts, we work with clients throughout New England, across the country, and all around the globe.

Another advantage of doing everything in-house is that because we don’t have to send parts and pieces off to a subcontractor for post extrusion operations, we eliminate the wait time required to transport those pieces from one facility to the next and back again. This, along with the efforts of our highly trained and experienced team of engineers and technicians, helps us to have very fast lead times that exceed the industry standards. Some of our secondary operations, such as deburring, is a standard part of the process for all machined parts to ensure that there aren’t any little burrs of aluminum left behind and provide quality control measures to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Types of Deburring Operations
We use vibratory deburring for higher volume jobs. This is achieved through the use of a large fully-automated tumbler encasement that vibrates with a porcelain media inside. This process helps to remove any aluminum burrs off the parts effectively. The movement of the parts inside of the encasement helps to safely remove the burrs without scratching or damaging the finished materials. We have many different deburring techniques that we use at Silver City Aluminum within our fabrication department to ensure a high-quality finished product. Vibratory deburring and tumble deburring are the most commonly used methods.

Tumble deburring is similar to the deburring process used for vibratory deburring. It works to smooth out the aluminum burrs through the use of moving media inside of an encasement. However, the difference is that the pieces get tumbled inside of the tumbler using a continuous 360-degree rotation for a specific amount of time to eliminate the burrs from the finished product. This is by far the most effective method of removing burrs from pieces that were created through the use of standard or custom aluminum extrusion, especially when those pieces went through post extrusion operations, such as sawing, mitering, and heli-coiling in New England.

Specialty Fabrication Services
One of the specialty manufacturing techniques that we offer to our clients is heli-coiling. These secondary operations involve the insertion of helically wound coils that have been precision formed. When these coils are inserted into a heli-coil tapped hole, it creates a permanent conventional screw thread that is much stronger and more durable due to its tight fit. Heli-coiling in New England is important for many different industries, as it eliminates the ability of the materials located at the thread site to corrode, rust, seize, or even wear out over time. Some of the industries that rely on these post extrusion operations include the airline, aerospace, marine, and transportation industries, just to name a few.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion at Silver City Aluminum
If you are interested in learning more about designing your own custom aluminum extrusion profiles or if you want to customize standard dies to make them even more beneficial to your business, contact our team of designers and engineers by calling 508-542-7200. Our team will walk you through every step of the process, assisting you in making choices for secondary operations, including sawing and deburring, CNC fabrication, and other post extrusion operations. Call today or use our online contact form to start the order process.