Painting & Anodizing Solutions for Custom Aluminum Extrusion

While a lot of work goes into the design of aluminum extrusion profiles for custom results, the first thing that most people will notice is how the finished product looks. Custom aluminum coating solutions can be added to any extrusion project at our one stop shop fabrication facility, including powder-coating and anodizing or painting aluminum products. During the finishing process, this is where our clients can really customize the final look and feel of the end product, adding color, specialty finishes, textures, and additional protection. Our painting process is meticulous and is guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations. Our options for powder coating and anodizing are limited only by your imagination. Whatever you require, whether you want to order a painted, anodized or galvanized aluminum extrusion, you can get it all right here at Silver City Aluminum.

What is Anodizing?
The process of anodizing works to create a very hard and durable protective surface on your standard or custom aluminum extrusion products. It works to enhance the appearance and can also increase resistance to corrosion, among other benefits. Anodizing can be done in a wide range of standard and custom colors to achieve the desired results. Similar to the process of galvanized aluminum extrusion, anodized parts are fully coated, and the coating cannot peel or flake off over time. The coating of anodized products may be colored or dyed, according to the needs of the client. The coating actually “grows” from the base aluminum metal through an electrochemical process, which makes it an integral part of the metal.

Some of the benefits associated with anodizing include:

  • very cost-effective, less than painting aluminum products
  • great for use on products that will be cleaned with abrasive cleaners
  • stands up to high traffic and continuous abuse
  • the coating cannot peel off as it becomes a part of the metal
  • unaffected by sunlight, so it won’t fade like other coatings

What is Powder Coating?
Products that are powder coated have a superior finish that has been compared to the look of wet paint. It is an environmentally-friendly application compared to other custom aluminum coating solutions, and it is available in a broad range of standard and custom colors, which can be created according to the specifications of the client. At Silver City Aluminum, we work with several different powder coaters and anodizers to provide our clients with a professional finish that creates the aesthetic look and feel that they desire. Because we do everything in-house at our one stop shop fabrication and finishing facility, we can make improvements to lead time over our competitors even when custom aluminum coating solutions are included in the process.

What is the Painting Process?
We take painting seriously at Silver City Aluminum, and our customers appreciate the work that we do. In fact, our paint line runs almost non-stop. In our quest to provide sheer perfection in all of our painting services, we go above and beyond to achieve consistent color application and rely on top-rated adhesion techniques and products to meet the needs of every single client and industry we serve. We use a four-stage pre-wash system, which includes an etch, clean wash, neutralizing wash, and a standard pre-wash, to guarantee excellent adhesion to the standard or custom aluminum extrusion materials to provide long-lasting, great-looking results. Once the pre-wash is complete, we apply the paint at approximately 2 ml’s wet in thickness before curing the paint with a baking process in one of our custom ovens.

Constant Monitoring, Consistent Results
Throughout the process of applying these custom aluminum coating solutions, whether our customers want anodized, galvanized aluminum extrusion or require painting of aluminum products, our team of highly trained technicians monitors every stage. After the application is complete at our one stop shop fabrication and finishing facility, they inspect each item one at a time by hand before it is taken to our shipping department. The shipping department inspects each item again to ensure quality results before the order gets shipped off to the customer. This is how we are able to guarantee consistent results for every order that we fill here at Silver City Aluminum.

Contact Our Team to Place an Order
If you are interested in placing an order for standard or custom aluminum extrusion parts, products, or pieces for your business, give us a call at 508-824-8641. Our team can provide you with more information about our custom aluminum coating solutions and other options available at our one stop shop fabrication, extrusion, and finishing services. Call today to place an order or to learn more about all of the quality services we provide.