Aluminum Extrusion Design for Modern Industrial Applications

Today’s design engineers and product manufacturers are using aluminum more than ever before across multiple industries, taking advantage of the benefits associated with this amazing, environmentally-friendly material. It’s hard to imagine life without aluminum, as custom aluminum extrusion is now used in many different ways to enhance our daily lives. Standard and custom extrusion dies are used to create industry solutions. Aluminum extrusion design has become a tool for many businesses and developers who use it to bolster products for their industry, prevent corrosion through design and maximize the potential of this very versatile metal.

Transportation Industry – One of the biggest benefactors of the high strength to weight ratio of aluminum has been the transportation industry. From big rigs that can reduce truck weights and increase payload potential to consumer vehicles striving to reduce fuel consumption to create more efficient models, studies show that the transportation industry is the second largest user of aluminum extrusion design in the world. Major automotive manufacturers are getting on board with the use of aluminum to boost performance and increase fuel efficiency as a means of meeting government mandates to reduce fuel dependency in consumer vehicles.

Aerospace Industry – From commercial jets to private planes, the aerospace industry has truly embraced the use of aluminum. In fact, the original model designed by the Wright brothers utilized aluminum parts in the engine to reduce weight. Approximately 80 percent of most modern aircraft is made of aluminum due to its high strength, light weight, and multiple durable qualities.

Electronics Industry – Everywhere you look, aluminum is used in the design and development of modern electronics and appliances. The unique conductivity of both electrical and thermal properties, makes parts created through the use of custom extrusion dies perfect for heat sinks, interior frames, and motor housings. Many computers, televisions, and mobile devices are fully cased in aluminum, as it is a very popular metal with consumers across the board.

Consumer Products Industry – Speaking of consumers, many consumer products are now made with custom aluminum extrusion. Home appliances, including washers and dryers, dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, air conditioning systems, and deep freezers are all made with aluminum extrusion design. They are strong, durable, long-lasting, and the inherent qualities of aluminum materials make it the perfect material for these appliances that rely on heat or depend on strength in cold temperatures to operate properly. Sporting equipment, fitness gear, indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, and other everyday products all benefit from custom aluminum extrusion and manufacturing.

Construction Industry – Standard and custom extrusion dies can be used to mold and shape aluminum to create products that are used in construction for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Methods used to prevent corrosion through design make these pieces perfect for outdoor use, such a windows, doors, skylights, ramps, railings, balconies, roofing, and much more. Indoor use is popular for aluminum extrusion design as well, creating picture frames, stair railings and banisters, lighting, furniture, and much more. Aluminum is the material of choice for architects who are looking to build environmentally-friendly or LEED-certified buildings and structures.

Lighting Industry – Today’s popular LED light fixtures use aluminum due to its ability to transfer and dissipate heat to increase thermal efficiency. Engineers frequently work with custom extrusion dies to create unique shapes and parts that can be used to prevent corrosion through design or take advantage of popular custom coating solutions to further enhance the durability and resistance to corrosion in various environments. Aluminum extrusion design can be easily manufactured and fabricated, making it even more cost-effective to manufacture, customize, ship, and install.

Solar Industry – Solar panels that are made with custom aluminum extrusion parts and components are lighter in weight, easier to install, and more cost-effective to manufacture than steel. Aluminum extrusion design can stand up to all of the wind, snow, rain, and other weather conditions that often pelt solar panels, helping them to survive severe weather without damage. The light weight of aluminum helps to reduce the overall weight of the panels on rooftops and other integrated systems. Standard and custom extrusion dies are used to create many parts and components for the solar industry.

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