10 Reasons to Design Aluminum Extrusion Solutions for Industry

Many businesses across just about every industry utilize custom aluminum products in manufacturing. The New England marine industry, transportation industry, aerospace, telecommunications, consumer products, and much more all rely on quality aluminum extrusion solutions to create long-lasting, durable products. There are many benefits associated with the use of aluminum. Those benefits can be harnessed into major advantages for companies that take the time to consider how they can be used to make improvements in existing products, designs, parts, and components. From traditional aluminum frames to custom solutions, there is no limit to the ways that aluminum can be used to an industry’s advantage.

#1 – Affordable
Compared to other metal materials, aluminum is very cost-effective. In fact, in spite of the cost for other metals fluctuating all around the world due to supply and demand, the price of aluminum is typically lower than any other metals. Because of the light weight associated with aluminum, it is also cheaper to ship, produce, and manufacture than other types of metal.

#2 – Cold Tolerance
Aluminum can begin to soften at temperatures that reach over 400 degrees, however, when other metals are added to the alloy, it can increase its heat resistance. However, the cold tolerance of aluminum is a clear advantage. While other metals become brittle and can crack at extremely cold temperatures, the strength of aluminum actually increases in the cold. This is one of the many reasons why aluminum extrusion solutions are so popular in the aerospace industry.

#3 – Strength
Raw aluminum is not as strong as steel. However, the strength of custom aluminum products can be increased through the addition of things like silicon, copper, zinc, magnesium or manganese to the alloy. Strength can also be increased through heat treatments and in the extrusion process itself, making aluminum a great choice for construction projects and the New England marine industry.

#4 – Weight
When you combine the strength of traditional aluminum frames with the light weight of this material, you get a very high strength to weight ratio. In fact, when aluminum replaces steel in automotive production, it can reduce the weight of each part or component by as much as one-third the original weight. Aluminum is a top choice for reducing weight and fuel consumption in consumer vehicles and transportation equipment.

#5 – Environmentally-Friendly
Did you know that aluminum can be recycled over and over without losing any of its inherent qualities? That means that aluminum can be recycled and reused without sacrificing strength, corrosion resistance, conductivity, or any other characteristics that make it such a valuable metal. At Silver City Aluminum, the aluminum extrusions that we make are made from 99.9 percent recycled aluminum materials.

#6 – Conductivity
Pound for pound, aluminum is able to conduct more than twice as much current as copper, due to its low density. As a result, the combination of high conductivity, light weight, and natural resistance to corrosion, aluminum has now become the material of choice for high-voltage power lines across the country. Aluminum is also an excellent conductor of both heat and cold temperatures, which makes it an excellent choice for air conditioning units, heat sinks, cookware, and engine components.

#7 – Corrosion Resistance
Aluminum naturally creates an invisible oxide layer that helps to protect it from corrosion, such as rust. It is also “self-healing,” which means that if it is scratched or damaged, it will develop a new protective layer right away. Additional resistance can be added to custom aluminum products through the use of paints, powder coatings, anodizing, and galvanizing.

#8 – Malleable
Aluminum can be easily extruded into standard and custom aluminum products through the use of extrusion profiles or dies. It is much easier to extrude than steel or other commonly used metals, making it a great choice for creating aluminum extrusion solutions across many different industries.

#9 – Machinable
In addition to being easy to bend and form into shapes, aluminum can also be easily machined. It is easier to drill, carve, saw, cut, and machine, which makes it even more cost-effective and easy to work with compared to other often used metals, including stainless steel and steel.

#10 – Reflective
Aluminum is a great reflector of light, making it an excellent choice for LED lighting and other types of manufactured light housing. Its reflective nature also provides advantages in other types of aluminum extrusion solutions for other industries.

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