Build Something: How to Use V-Slot Aluminum Industry Solutions

While there are a lot of stock shapes that can be used for standard aluminum extrusion, there is virtually no limit when it comes to the number of custom profiles that can be designed to create custom aluminum products. One of the ways that manufacturers use the inherent qualities of custom aluminum extrusion to their advantage is through the use of v-slot and t-slot extrusions. Depending on the length of the part and the requirements of the project, we can create these specialized extrusions at our one stop shop fabrication facility for you to use in the assembly of structural frames and finished products.

How It Works
An extrusion is created by pressing the aluminum alloy through a steel profile or die to make a specific shape. The metal comes out in a big long piece like a pasta noodle, which can then be cut to a certain size, according to the client’s needs. The metal is heated to make it more malleable and then is forced through the profile using 10 million pounds of pressure. It is then cooled using a proprietary process to further strengthen the material to meet the requirements of the client. A team of highly trained, knowledgeable, and experienced engineers and technicians create each order for each client as an individual, producing custom aluminum products that are designed for a specific purpose.

There are many advantages associated with extruding aluminum, including the fact that the process itself helps to make the metal even stronger and more valuable than before it was forged and shaped. Compared to other metals commonly used for structural assembly, aluminum alloy is stronger and lighter, requiring less material for a more affordable finished product. Design solid or hollow shapes, as well as custom aluminum extrusion designs to meet the specific needs of your product development department. Extrusions can be purchased in stock shapes. However, they are even more valuable to many businesses when they are created in custom shapes for aluminum industry solutions.

What is a V-Slot Profile?
When it comes to assembling custom aluminum products using only basic tools, instead of welding and other types of joining, extrusion can also be beneficial. Two main profiles are used in this manner, which includes the v-slot and the t-slot shapes. The primary difference between the two is simple, yet the variation can make a big difference in how they are used. The t-slot or T-slot as it is sometimes written has a groove that is shaped like the letter “T” on each side. The v-slot or V-slot as it is also sometimes written, is similar, but the edge is slightly bevelled. While the two can be interchangeable in many situations, it is best to evaluate the project that you are working on to determine which aluminum industry solutions would provide you with the best results.

What you need to know about the v-slot and t-slot profiles include:

  • T-nuts and brackets will work for both profiles
  • Specialized parts like unusual joints or bearings won’t usually work on both
  • Design issues can occur if you are mixing and matching v-slots and t-slots
  • The v-slot can work as a lineal rail, allowing wheels or bearings to sit inside the profile to assist with motion control

Standard or Custom Aluminum Extrusion?
While the basic v-slot profile is considered to be a standard or stock profile at many one stop shop fabrication facilities, there are ways to customize these shapes for custom aluminum products and projects. Different lengths and sizes may or may not be available as standard extrusion options, especially for the smallest and the largest of profiles. Depending on your needs, the profiles can be cut according to specification, and at reputable facilities, such as Silver City Aluminum, de-burring is a standard secondary operation that is provided for all machined or fabricated pieces as part of the process. So while you might start off with a standard profile for your aluminum industry solutions, it can always be customized to meet your specific needs.

Need Custom Aluminum Extrusion?
At Silver City Aluminum, we provide a broad range of standard and custom aluminum products for clients who work in just about every industry that exists. Our one stop shop fabrication facility helps us to provide greater quality control for every single order that we fill. From designing and engineering your custom aluminum extrusion profile to making adjustments with secondary operations and finishing options to create custom results, our team of highly trained and experienced engineers, designers, and technicians can help you to achieve your goals. Give us a call at 508-824-8631 to discuss your needs or to place an order at Silver City Aluminum.