Why Aluminum Extrusion is Excellent for Housing Construction

When it comes to choosing the best materials for a project, it pays to do your homework. You shouldn’t always just go with the traditional option, but you should also take your time and check out the research on the trendy choice. Residential construction is composed of many different types of parts and products. Some of these parts are aesthetic, providing visual appeal; while others are structural, offering long-lasting endurance and sustainability. Depending on the type of work that you do or the industry that you work in for housing construction, you may want to consider the benefits of aluminum products.

How Aluminum Products are Used
Manufacturers are using custom and standard extrusions in many different ways now, taking advantage of all the benefits associated with the properties of aluminum alloys. Some alloys are perfect for structural use, while others are best for framing things like doors and windows. It is important to work with a custom extrusion design company that has many years of experience providing industry solutions for clients all around the globe. You can use custom profiles to prevent corrosion through design for use in harsh environments or you can add finishing options, such as powder-coated anodizing or painting to provide extra protection from damage.

Custom extrusion design is used in many different residential applications, including frames for shower surrounds, frames for doors and windows, aluminum fencing, and decorative pieces, just to name a few. The high strength to weight ratio of aluminum means that it is more cost-effective to manufacture, deliver, and install than similar pieces made from steel. Coming in at just about a third of the weight of steel, aluminum can offer similar strength and durability. Storm shutter systems in the hurricane zone, as well as beautiful sunroom framing, deck railing, greenhouses, and pool enclosures, are just some of the other ways that custom and standard extrusions made from aluminum alloys can be used.

Build Smarter Homes
We hear a lot about reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency these days. Everyone wants to lower their carbon footprint and lower their energy bill. Structures all across America account for over 40 percent of energy consumption. Custom extrusion design can be used to make residential homes and buildings more energy efficient while providing long-lasting sustainability that means less waste for repairs and replacements in the future. Other benefits of aluminum products are that they can be designed to create custom solutions, reduce fabrication, post-extrusion operations, and assembly, all while providing enhanced function and a larger return on investment at the same time.

Steel designs are typically very limited, allowing engineers and contractors a specific set of shapes that can be created from rolling and other popular manufacturing processes. Custom and standard extrusions have virtually no limits. The designer doesn’t simply choose from a set of options but can create a unique shape made from the metal that can be placed in a certain way to provide aesthetic, structural or functional benefits. Custom extrusion design can create shapes that are solid or hollow, large or small, long or short, taking advantage of the properties of aluminum to prevent corrosion through design for even longer lasting results.

Which Alloys are Best?
When it comes time to choose which aluminum alloys to use for your custom or standard extrusions, make sure to consult with an experienced engineer. Some alloys provide greater strength, while others offer more in the way of functionality. There are even a few alloys that are best for electrical conductivity. However, when it comes to building and construction applications, it is best to stick with the 6000-series. When you contact Silver City Aluminum, make sure to ask about the options available for aluminum alloys. One of our experienced technicians will help you make the right choice.

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