Custom Aluminum Products for New Construction and Renovations

One of the most popular choices for today’s energy saving doors and windows is aluminum. Not only is aluminum strong, durable and long-lasting, but it is also a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly material option. Compared to other metals, aluminum is very plentiful, and it is also the most recycled metal in the world. In fact, the standard and custom aluminum extrusion that we do at Silver City Aluminum is composed of 99.9 percent recycled aluminum. We purchase from several different suppliers, and the aluminum arrives in the form of billets, which we cut down to precise measurements to reduce waste and cost. There are many natural benefits to using aluminum doors and windows, which is why many manufacturers and consumers are flocking to custom aluminum products.

New Construction and Replacement Windows
When you talk about windows and doors, you will often hear the term “new construction” windows. What makes new construction windows different from replacement windows? A new construction window includes all of the tools required for a complete installation, including the nailing fins that are used to fasten the window in place to provide for a quality installation that is both waterproof and airtight. Because it is new construction, this typically requires that the installation includes brand new interior woodwork, removal of all the siding that is around the window, as well as any wide trim or drywall. You can use new construction aluminum doors and windows for existing homes, but just be prepared that they will require a lot more work and installation.

Replacement windows are different in that they are designed to fit inside of the current window frame. The original interior and exterior frame, trim, siding, and drywall all stay in place, which is why this is a much cheaper method for updating aluminum doors and windows. Unless there is damage or the framing needs to be replaced anyway, most homeowners and contractors who do remodeling or renovation work will choose to use replacement windows whenever they can to cut costs associated with the project. Aluminum doors and windows made with custom or standard aluminum extrusions can be used to create great looking and top performing products for residential and commercial properties alike. Many manufacturers choose to work with custom aluminum products because of the advantages associated with using this method.

Why Replace Windows?
Many property owners are replacing windows to take advantage of the advances made in energy savings to reduce utility bills for heating and cooling. ENERGY STAR┬« rated aluminum doors and windows can help reduce energy consumption by as much as seven to fifteen percent annually. Most homes that are 20 years older or more will benefit greatly from upgrading their current windows, either as a standalone home improvement project or as part of a larger renovation. Replacement windows are available for most standard size window frames. However, most reputable companies can make custom aluminum products to fit just about any size space. This is helpful for renovation work on historic homes and other older properties that may not have windows and doors designed to today’s standards.

Why Choose Aluminum?
There are many benefits to working with aluminum doors and windows and today’s architects, contractors, homeowners, and property owners are usually well aware of the advantages. Standard aluminum extrusions have been used for years to create everything from window and door screens to stair railings, as well as many other important elements used in modern construction. Custom aluminum extrusion can be used to create specialty items or reduce costs associated with secondary operations required when aluminum doors and windows are created through other methods. Engineering custom extrusion dies can help streamline the manufacturing process, reducing lead time, and providing ways to cut costs associated with assembly and installation.

Compared to other common materials used for doors and windows in America, including wood, clad-wood, and vinyl, aluminum doors and windows have their own unique advantages. Custom aluminum products are lightweight, yet strong and durable. The cost for these products, whether they are made from custom or standard aluminum extrusions, is often considerably lower than wood or vinyl materials. This can save property owners a lot of money for material costs when doing a larger remodeling project or when choosing products to be used in new construction. Aluminum doors and windows are most widely used in warmer, milder climates, but they can be used just about anywhere in the country for new and existing structures.

Design Custom Aluminum Doors and Windows
Companies that are interested in designing custom aluminum extrusion dies or profiles to create custom aluminum doors and windows can contact Silver City Aluminum direct at 508-542-7200. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers, designers, and technicians work with many different industries and can provide you with services to help you get the custom aluminum products that you desire. Call today for a FREE estimate on any of our services for custom or standard aluminum extrusions.