Custom Aluminum Extrusion: Top Profiles for LED Light Strips

Aluminum industry solutions are valuable for many different types of lighting and fixtures used in both residential and commercial applications. Custom aluminum extrusion can provide manufacturers with the profiles that they require while saving them money compared to other methods used to create metal housings. When you work with a reputable company that has many years of experience working with aluminum extrusion design, it is possible to include options and advantages that will increase value and longevity, such as the ability to prevent corrosion through design.

Why Use Aluminum LED Housings?
When designing LED strip lights, it is important to create a professional and finished look. Unhoused lighting solutions just don’t look good when exposed, especially if the location of the install is where it can be easily seen. Another advantage is that these aluminum industry solutions can help to prevent moisture from getting into the LED strip lighting. While not 100 percent waterproof, there are some additional things that can be done to make it waterproof, if that is what is required. The extruded aluminum provides a base that can be further customized to meet the demands of the project to provide the desired results.

Custom aluminum extrusion can be used to protect the LED strip lighting for indoor and outdoor use, shielding it from damaging UV rays, the wind, dust, debris, and other things that can wreck havoc on the lighting equipment itself. The extrusion housing will also prevent contact damage of the LED strip lighting both indoors and outdoors. Depending on the shape of the aluminum extrusion design, there will be additional advantages. Some shapes can help to augment the effect of the lighting, increasing the exposure of the light, while other shapes can be used to add special effects and finishing to the lighting, depending on your needs.

Different Types of Profiles
You might hear the terms “profile,” “die”, and “extrusion” and wonder what the difference is between them. However, the truth is that they are all the same. The term “aluminum profile” describes the shape that is made when the aluminum is pushed through the custom aluminum extrusion profile or die, which is made from strong metal to withstand the pressure that is put on it during the extrusion process. An “aluminum extrusion” is the end result of the work that is done to create the parts, pieces, or products through the extrusion process. One way to think about extrusion is to imagine toothpaste being pushed out of a toothpaste tube. Some tubes are round, some are oval, a few are squared. The shape is the profile or die at the end of the tube that is used to create the shape of the toothpaste as it goes on your toothbrush. Choose a different shape, get a different result. The same holds true with aluminum extrusion design.

Some of the shapes used in aluminum industry solutions for LED lighting include:

  • shallow recessed extrusion
  • deep surface extrusion
  • tube surface extrusion
  • thin surface extrusion
  • deep recessed extrusion
  • shallow surface extrusion
  • corner extrusion
  • optic lens extrusion

How to Use LED Extrusions
There are lots of applications for the use of aluminum industry solutions for the LED lighting industry. It pays to work with a team of engineers at an aluminum extrusion facility, such as Silver City Aluminum. Our many years of work with clients across just about every industry can help you gain the advantage over the competition. Whether your goal is to create a specific type of lighting effect or to prevent corrosion through design by creating your custom aluminum extrusion profiles, we can help you to make it a reality. Aluminum extrusion design is used to enhance and make improvements to LED strip light and other types of LED lighting installations for commercial properties, such as hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and amusement parks, as well as for residential applications.

Some other examples of aluminum industry solutions for LED lighting include:

  • lightbar effects for commercial properties
  • recessed lighting for residential properties
  • outdoor living spaces for pools, retaining walls, pathways, etc.
  • sports stadiums, event centers, and other large-scale applications

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