Aluminum Extrusion Products: Creating Custom Display Frames

The term “display frames” is used to describe traditional aluminum frames, which are created through custom extrusion design, to be used across many different types of businesses, industries, and for many unique purposes. Designing and engineering custom profiles that take advantage of the benefits of aluminum products for display frames includes a low weight-to-strength ratio, a natural anti-corrosion layer, superior malleability, ability to use multiple finishes, a low-cost for manufacturing, and long-lasting durability. Aluminum is also an environmentally-friendly material choice, making it a great choice for many different projects.

Extrusion provides a limitless range of opportunities for companies that design custom display frames. Powder-coated and anodized, painted, and galvanized aluminum extrusion are just some of the options that can be used to add extra protection, color, and texture to a finished piece. Frames can be made in all shapes and sizes, depending on the needs of the consumer and the purpose of the traditional aluminum frames themselves. In addition to different shapes and sizes created by custom profiles, companies can also select parts in varying lengths to create large and small displays.

Cost-Effective and Flexible
When it comes to custom extrusion design, it is not as costly as you might think. The initial cost to engineer and develop the profile or die that you want to use, should you not select a standard stock option, is a one-time fee that will provide you with an increased return on your investment over time. Specialty shapes can help to reduce additional work, including fabrication, joining, cutting, and other tasks. Not only does this lower the cost to create each piece at the extrusion facility, but it also reduces the lead time required to manufacture the parts for your traditional aluminum frames. By designing this type of flexibility into the original profile, clients can have more control over the orders that they place and better determine when they should be delivered.

Using a single profile for one style of frame is another benefit of custom extrusion design. For example, display frames that have a specific shape can be created in a variety of lengths, allowing for the creation of frames that range from just a few inches to several feet, depending on the needs of the consumer. Frames can be used by non-professionals as well as professional customers, including sign companies, exhibit framing builders, marketing organizations, municipalities, and much more. The custom display frames can be designed to assemble quickly and easily without the use of tools, creating the desired results within minutes instead of requiring hours for assembly. This is a great selling point for your sales department.

Other Benefits of Aluminum Products
Clients can also choose from a wide range of finishes, including painted, powder-coated, anodized and galvanized aluminum extrusion in a variety of colors and textures. This helps to increase the function of the custom display frames, not just add aesthetic appeal. Custom extrusion design can help to increase the benefits of aluminum products, increasing corrosion-resistance and reducing labor for assembly and installation. Before the parts are assembled, these traditional aluminum frames are easy to store upright and are very convenient to transport from location to location. Lighter in weight than steel, yet high in strength and durability, these frames are engineered and built to last.

Depending on your unique needs and requirements, custom display frames can be used for posters and other display materials that can be changed and further customized quickly and easily. They can be mounted on walls or stands to accommodate different purposes, in offices, retail shops, at trade shows, or anywhere else they are needed. Excellent for commercial retail stores, but just as valuable for municipal signage and displays, the benefits of aluminum products for such a wide range of framing opportunities exceeds expectations, saving time and money across the board. Working with an experienced engineer at a trusted extrusion facility, such as Silver City Aluminum, can increase the abilities of your frames through custom extrusion design.

Choose Aluminum Extrusion for Your Next Project
If you work with custom display frames and are looking for new ways to increase the flexibility of your products, while streamlining the manufacturing process, look no further than the custom extrusion design options available through Silver City Aluminum. We can help you design your own custom profiles or dies to achieve the looks and benefits of aluminum products that you desire most. Traditional aluminum frames and modern or unique variations can all be created according to your specifications. Give us a call at 508-824-8631 to get a FREE estimate on your next project or to learn more about how custom extrusion design can benefit you and your business.