The Cold Temperature Advantages of Custom Aluminum Extrusion

Studies, tests and even field use of aluminum and its alloys have proven that they are very well-suited for use in extremely low temperatures. In fact, the extrusion process of rod and bar aluminum, as well as other types of custom aluminum extrusion, only enhance the benefits of aluminum products in the industry. Tests revealed that the strength of aluminum and its alloys increase at extremely low temperatures, including tensile, yield and impact strength measurements.

Unlike other metals, which can become brittle in extremely cold temperatures, aluminum, and its alloys rise to the occasion, and become even stronger. Aluminum alloys were shown to retain ductility at extremely low temperatures with no increase in brittleness. In fact, even the corrosion resistance of aluminum and its alloys is enhanced during these conditions, making it ideal for use in snow and ice without fear of accelerated breakdown due to contact with moisture. These are just some of the benefits of using aluminum products.

The Many Advantages of Aluminum
As a whole, aluminum and its alloys have many advantages over other types of metal that are commonly used for extrusion. It pays to work with an experienced team of technicians and engineers at a reputable facility where you can get all of the services you require. Whether you want standard or custom aluminum extrusion, post-extrusion fabrication such as heli-coiling in New England, or finishing services for aesthetic, texture or enhanced protection purposes, you can get it all at Silver City Aluminum. Basic shapes, such as rod and bar aluminum, as well as custom profiles and dies, can all be created according to your needs.

Other benefits associated with using aluminum include a low weight-to-strength ratio, natural resistance to corrosion, electrical conductivity, non-toxicity, thermal conductivity, and high reflectivity. Aluminum is very malleable, so it is easier to extrude than steel or other common metals, yet the extrusion process helps to increase its strength and make it even more valuable. More abundant than any other metallic element found in the earth’s crust, aluminum is also the most recycled metal on the planet. This makes it cost-effective, earth-friendly, and easy to obtain for manufacturing. The properties and performance of aluminum and its alloys are just some of the many benefits of aluminum products.

Aluminum Alloys for Custom Aluminum Extrusion
When it comes time to use aluminum for various industries, it pays to have a basic understanding of the different alloying metals that are commonly used with it to create aluminum alloys. Some of the most common metals used include copper, silica, and magnesium. They are chosen based upon the enhancements that they bring to raw aluminum, providing additional physical properties and performance benefits to the already superior material. Alloys are created in an alloying furnace where the aluminum ingot is melted and mixed with the alloying metals of choice. The mixture is made into logs, which are cut down into billets before shipping to extrusion facilities like Silver City Aluminum.

Some of the additional benefits added with alloying include:

  • increased strength comes from adding zinc
  • improved machinability comes from adding copper
  • better welding applications come from adding magnesium
  • superior corrosion resistance comes from adding manganese

Why Aluminum is Great for Cold Temperatures
There are many reasons why aluminum and its alloys are an excellent choice for extreme cold and cold temperature use. Aluminum is lighter than most metals, making it easier to handle and excellent for reducing fuel consumption in transportation, automotive, marine, and aerospace industries. It is very strong, yet provides an excellent low weight-to-strength ratio, which is beneficial to pretty much all industries. However, the most important property of aluminum that makes it ideal for cold and extreme cold use is that it becomes even stronger when the temperature drops. Other metals can become brittle in extremely cold temperatures, but the strength of aluminum increases. Aluminum is also very suitable for the cryogenic industry because of these benefits of aluminum products.

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