Important Advances Made in the Aluminum Extrusion Industry

Custom aluminum extrusion allows businesses and manufacturers to create shapes that provide advantages beyond what can be achieved with standard aluminum products. The aluminum extrusion industry has made many advancements in recent years, taking advantage of new technology and methods to further improve the benefits of designing and engineering custom pieces.

When you extrude aluminum alloys, either in a standard or custom profile, it is possible to create a very cost-effective product that reduces the time required to make secondary joins or applications. Silver City Aluminum takes advantage of the important advances made within the industry to provide our clients with the very best options available for quality aluminum products.

The More You Know
When it comes to creating custom aluminum extrusion, it is important to learn all you can about the choices available to extrude aluminum alloys. Some alloys increase the strength of the aluminum products, while others work to enhance other properties, such as natural corrosion resistance or improved welding capabilities. When you work with our team of engineers and designers to create your custom profile or die, we can discuss the options available about alloys to help you achieve your goals.

Nearly all products made in the aluminum extrusion industry come from the 6000 series. In fact, even here at Silver City Aluminum, we focus primarily on the 6005, 6063, and 6463 alloys, as they provide the best results for our clients. One of the many reasons why the 6000 series is so popular for standard and custom aluminum extrusion is that it doesn’t work-harden as quickly as the other alloys. This allows for aluminum products to be extruded more efficiently and in a more cost-effective manner.

The secondary metal or compound that is added to the aluminum will affect the strength, hardness, heat treatment, and temper. In fact, the temper of your options to extrude aluminum alloys is often included in the description as a hyphenated suffix to the alloy number. For example, the 6063 allow coupled with a T4 would indicate that the alloys is 6063 and has a temper of 4. It would be written as 6063-T4.

Using CAD for Custom Aluminum Extrusion
Many of our clients provide us with a CAD file that offers a 3D example of the custom aluminum extrusion profile or die that they want to create. CAD stands for “computer assisted design,” and it is a specialized three-dimensional program that is frequently used by engineers, designers, architects, and developers. Other technology may be used to provide at least a 2D representation of the custom shape that you want to be created. Our technicians can help you with the types of formats and programs required. Currently, the file types that we accept include .DWG, .DXF, .STP or .iges for 3D models. Make sure to contact Silver City Aluminum to make sure we can work with the files you want to send.

Advanced Extrusion Capabilities
Our team is highly trained and experienced in the latest technologies used to create top quality custom aluminum extrusion and aluminum products. We extrude aluminum alloys according to the needs and specifications of our clients to meet the growing demands of the aluminum extrusion industry. All of the components that we use in our extrusion system are considered to be top of the line. Each part is fully integrated into the overall system, and everything is fully automated.

Advancements made in PLC control technology allow us to communicate with all of our custom aluminum extrusion machines via the Internet. This helps us to provide quality control supervision from virtually anywhere in the entire world. We can see how the machine is functioning, the rate of speed that aluminum products are being created, and check all other variables – including the extrusion recipe. This allows us to create products that are consistent and dependable, offering the very best in quality control.

Contact Silver City Aluminum
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