Finishing & Coating Solutions for Custom Extrusion Products

Another great way to customize your aluminum products is to choose from a variety of different finishing and coating solutions. The benefit of adding a finishing option to your custom aluminum extrusion is two-fold. Some clients want to add a finish or coating solution to their products and parts because it makes an aesthetic or textural improvement. Others choose finishing because it increases the protection from corrosion, scratching, and other types of damage. Whatever your reasons, at Silver City Aluminum, you can choose painting aluminum products or powder-coating and anodizing aluminum to provide great looks and long-lasting durability to your finished products.

Painting Aluminum Products
Perhaps the most popular of all finishing solutions at Silver City Aluminum is our painting services. In fact, the paint line at our shop runs nearly non-stop. Just like everything else that we do for our clients, we strive for perfection in all of our painting services. As a result, we can achieve a consistent color application and top-rated adhesion, which meets the demands of every single industry that we serve. We are able to provide painting services for pieces that are up to twenty feet in length. While some customers prefer to paint the materials on their own, we are able to provide truly professional results that will exceed just about any other process.

  • The Pre-Treat Process – At Silver City Aluminum, we utilize a four-stage pre-wash system, which includes an etch, a clean wash, a neutralizing wash, and then a standard pre-wash to help improve adhesion for long-lasting, great-looking results.
  • The Polycron Application – Once the pre-treat process is complete, we can apply this type of painting service. The pre-wash helps this kind of paint to adhere properly to the aluminum products and materials.

The polycron application that we use reveals our attention to detail and commitment to excellence. A vertical electrostatic polycron line is used after the four-stage pre-wash system. This preparation, which involves washing and chemically preparing the aluminum products, helps with adhesion and provides a smooth, clean finish. Once the materials are dried, they are ready to be painted. We apply our paint at approximately 2ml’s wet in thickness, which exceeds industry standards. As the parts pass through the system, they are continuously monitored and checked by our technicians to guarantee quality results and color consistency.

After the paint is applied, the aluminum products are cured through a baking process in our custom ovens. Once the curing is complete, each item is taken off the line by hand one at a time. Our team of highly-trained and experienced technicians inspects each piece before it is taken to the shipping department. Another inspection occurs at the shipping department to guarantee top quality results before the pieces are packed up for shipping. You might say that we are “nitpicky” about quality control and consistency, but we are proud of each and every product that we fabricate and finish at Silver City Aluminum.

Powder-Coating & Anodizing Aluminum
We also offer other types of secondary finishing services for the aluminum products that we manufacture for clients in our shop. Anodizing aluminum is often confused with galvanized aluminum extrusion, as the results are surprisingly similar. Powder-coating involves the use of several different powder coaters and anodizers to create a finish that has a look and feel that the client requires.

The lead time for this process can be affected by the different powder-coating products that are used and the anodizing process that is used to apply them. Anodizing is the process of dyeing short or long pieces after the extrusion and fabrication process is complete. Similar to painting aluminum products, our clients can choose from a variety of colors. However, they may also choose clear or black anodizing, as it suits their needs.

Choose Silver City Aluminum for Custom Aluminum Products
We provide our professional services to clients across many different industries. Whether your goal is to design custom parts or products for use in industry solutions or if you just require standard extrusion shapes, you won’t be able to beat the quality control and lead time available at Silver City Aluminum. Because we do everything in-house at our one-stop shop, you can add on extra fabrication and finishing options, including powder-coating and anodizing aluminum or painting aluminum products, without drastically increasing the lead time. Give us a call at 508-824-8631 to learn more about the services that we provide or visit our website and use our online order form to start working with our team of engineers and technicians to complete your project.