Industry Benefits from Aluminum’s Strength-to-Weight Ratio

There are many different industries that take advantage of the high strength-to-weight ratio of extruded aluminum. Throughout the world, aluminum is one of the most common metals. It is also one of the most recycled metals all over the globe. That makes it one of the most sustainable materials available to manufacturers, creating cost-effective solutions that can be used to lower overhead costs and reduce energy consumption for manufacturing.

Aluminum extrusion solutions are used in the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, the marine industry, and the transportation industry, providing reduced fuel consumption for the machines that drive our nation. Not only does this create more fuel efficient vehicles for consumers, but it reduces fuel consumption for transporting goods across the country, reduces fuel consumption for airlines, and even reduces fuel costs for personal boats and professional fishing vessels.

The Success of Aluminum Extrusion Solutions
The aluminum extrusion industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years and will continue to grow as more industries begin to rely on standard and custom aluminum extrusion for their parts and products. Aluminum is very light, especially when compared to other frequently used metals, such as steel and lead. However, it is also very strong, making it the perfect choice for many different applications. For example, aluminum is now being used in consumer vehicles, such as automobiles and trucks. It provides the same durability and strength required to provide safety and protection to occupants while reducing the overall weight of the vehicle to provide better fuel mileage.

Goods made from aluminum are lighter in weight, which means that more items can fit on the bed of a shipping truck or in the trailer of a delivery truck, than before. Large items can be shipped on their own, reducing the weight on the transportation vehicle and reducing the fuel consumption required to move the item from point A to point B across the country. Lighter weight class A vehicles and trailers mean less weight overall, allowing more items to be loaded into the truck for more efficient transportation of goods. When extruded aluminum is used, either in the manufacture of vehicles or in the goods that they transport, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

The History of Aluminum
Did you know that the aluminum extrusion industry has been used in transportation and aerospace industries for a very long time? In fact, the Wright brothers used aluminum crankcases in their first plane to reduce the weight. Aluminum engine crankcases were also used in airplanes during WWII. At the time, aluminum was in demand so much, civilians were asked to donate any scrap aluminum that they had lying around the house to be used for the war effort to make more engine crankcases for American airplanes. There are many other benefits associated with using aluminum, including reduced maintenance and increased strength, compared to other similar materials.

The three top benefits of using aluminum include these attributes:

  • STRENGTH – The surprisingly high strength of aluminum makes it a top choice for many different industries. It allows for the aluminum extrusion solutions to replace other metals that are heavier without losing any of the strength that they offered. This is the big advantage to using extruded aluminum in consumer vehicles, transportation, and aerospace industries.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT – Many of the aluminum alloys used for custom aluminum extrusion and other manufacturing methods can help to reduce the weight of vehicles, boats, ships, trucks, and aircraft significantly. Compared to steel, aluminum weighs just a fraction – as much as 33 percent less. This helps vehicles and aircraft to reduce fuel consumption or be allowed to increase the amount of weight that they can carry for the transportation of people and goods.
  • CORROSION – Another huge benefit to the aluminum extrusion industry is that aluminum has a natural resistance to corrosion. This is important for consumer vehicles, transportation vehicles, marine equipment, and aircraft. Corrosion can be extremely dangerous and damaging. Even in highly corrosive environments, such as maritime areas, aluminum is able to stand up to conditions that would cause dangerous corrosion in other metals.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion
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