Cost-Effective Manufacturing and Custom Aluminum Solutions

Whether you are using standard extrusions or creating your own custom extrusion design, aluminum industry solutions can save both time and money for today’s busy manufacturing companies. Not only is aluminum plentiful and affordable, but it is also very malleable and easy to use in manufacturing processes, such as extrusion. It is important to choose a reputable manufacturing company to take care of all the details regarding your order.

One stop shop fabrication at Silver City Aluminum can help to expedite your order even further with lead times so short they will exceed your expectations. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers meet with each and every client to determine the precise shape and size required for their application. Once everything is finalized, the extrusion and fabrication process can begin. Because we do it all in-house, our team is able to monitor your order every step of the way from the initial design all the way to finishing and shipping.

The Extrusion Process
When parts and products are created through the use of extrusion, there are specific proprietary methods used to ensure a quality finished product. Silver City Aluminum starts by purchasing aluminum billets that are made from 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum. Even the alloys that we choose to use for all of our aluminum industry solutions is selected according to the properties that it has and the strength that it provides to our standard extrusions and custom extrusion designs.

For each order, the seven-inch diameter billets are cut into the proper size to reduce the amount of scrap. This helps us to save our clients money and reduce waste. However, even the so-called “waste” isn’t waste, as it just gets recycled again to become aluminum industry materials for future projects. All of our cuts are calculated based upon the weight and length of the profile that we are creating in our one stop shop fabrication facility. The billets are then heated to a specific temperature to improve malleability and enhance the natural qualities of this amazing metal.

Once it has been properly heated, the metal billets are then pushed through the profile using approximately 10 million pounds of pressure. As the metal flows through the steel die, similar to toothpaste coming out of a tube or play clay getting pushed through a shape by a child, it comes out on the other size in the specific shape that the client required. To complete the dimensions, during the cooling down phase the extruded metal can then be stretched to achieve specifications before being cut to requested lengths before heat treating occurs to harden the metal to its maximum potential.

Why is Extrusion Cost-Effective?
There are many reasons why aluminum industry solutions are more cost effective than other types of metal manufacturing. Extrusion can transform aluminum alloys into specific parts and products that are used by consumers each and every day. Motors, pumps, toys, window frames, door frames, railings, and solutions for marine, transportation, aerospace, and many other industries can all be made using aluminum extrusion. For custom parts, our engineers will help you to develop a custom extrusion design that can be used over and over to create parts and pieces according to your specifications.

It is cost-effective because aluminum is one of the most plentiful, frequently recycled materials in the world. That makes it more affordable than other metals used in similar manufacturing. The extrusion process itself is cost-saving as well, eliminating many of the secondary operations that would be required with other methods. The fact that custom and standard extrusions are light in weight and have a high strength to weight ratio means that it will cost less to transport the finished products than it would similar products made from iron or steel. Designs can be changed quickly and easily, by contacting our team of engineers when you place your order. This allows companies to save every step of the way.

Contact Silver City Aluminum
If you are interested in learning more about all of the services available at our one stop shop fabrication center located on West Water Street in Taunton, Massachusetts, you can give us a call at 508-542-7200 or use our online contact form to get the ball rolling. One of our team members will contact you back right away to discuss your need for aluminum industry solutions.