Design Custom Extrusion Dies to Create Top Consumer Products

Extrusion is everywhere. We see it every day, whether we realize it or not. There are many benefits of aluminum products, and today’s consumer manufacturing developers are taking advantage of it. Consumers love aluminum products as well. They are long-lasting, durable, weigh much less than similar products made using other metals, and they are often much more affordable and cost-effective to produce. Aluminum doors and windows, roof racks for sports equipment, patio furniture, shelving solutions, office cubicle systems, playground equipment, bicycle racks, ladders, and many other consumer-based products are all essential parts of our daily lives.

While it might seem like it would cost more, manufacturers can actually save by designing their own custom extrusion dies to create custom aluminum products for consumers. A custom extrusion can be designed to reduce the need for secondary operations and can include special options, such as telescoping profiles and snap fit designs that make assembly and use a breeze. Once the custom extrusion dies are created, they can be used again and again to create products, increasing the cost-effectiveness of the project, while adding benefits and advantages that you just can’t get from a basic or standard shape.

Every Step of the Way
The advantage to working with a company like Silver City Aluminum is that our team of engineers and technicians work with you every step of the way to create the custom aluminum products that you desire. Our engineers will help you in the development of custom extrusion dies, providing you with years of valuable experience and insight into designing shapes and products that will be more durable and beneficial throughout the life of the product. Our technicians do everything in-house at our one stop shop facility, which means better quality control and shorter lead times for our clients. There are many benefits of aluminum products, but there are many more advantages when you work with a company that specializes in creating custom extrusion dies for their clients.

Extrusion – Fabrication – Finishing
You get all of this and more at Silver City Aluminum. We do all of our own aluminum extrusion in-house at our Taunton, Massachusetts facility. We purchase aluminum billets from multiple suppliers that are made of 99.9 percent recycled aluminum. We pre-cut the seven-inch diameter pieces to specific sizes to minimize waste, which helps to save money for the client. We start by preheating the materials in a long oven and bring them to a specific temperature for extrusion. Once the aluminum is super malleable, it is pushed at approximately 10 million pounds of pressure through the steel profile or die. This is the same process whether we are using a standard die or custom extrusion dies.

The aluminum flows through the profile and comes out in the exact shape of the profile. The final phase of the extrusion process includes cooling down the metal on a giant table. The metal can be stretched through the use of opposing stretchers into the desired dimensions. Once this is achieved, the metal is then cut according to the client’s specifications before being heat-treated to harden it to achieve maximum ability. Fabrication is according to the needs of each unique client, however, we include de-burring for all of our machined parts as part of the overall process. Punching, sawing, and mitering, as well as long and short part fabrication, are all available options at Silver City Aluminum. Finishing can also be added, including powder-coating and anodizing or painting.

Popular Consumer Goods
Some of the more widely used consumer goods can be found in the average American home. Aluminum doors and windows are extremely popular these days, as they are very cost-effective and affordable for the average homeowner. More advanced versions of these basic goods are also being designed and created using custom extrusion dies, providing better thermal control properties to increase energy efficiency in the home. Sporting goods are also very popular products made to take advantage of the benefits of aluminum products. They are long-lasting, naturally corrosion resistant, and are light and easy to move around. Aluminum bicycles are used by long-distance bicyclists in competitions and for personal exercise and transportation.

When you work with a reputable company like Silver City Aluminum, you can count on our team to help you fine tune the design for your custom aluminum products in order to maximize the performance of the design and the overall cost-effectiveness of the project. We will help you choose the best alloy and temper to be used with your custom aluminum dies to meet all the requirements of your design. Our engineers will work with you to help reduce the amount of secondary operations and fabrication needed to help you achieve your goals. This helps to reduce costs for fabrication and finishing, reduces lead time, and helps to reduce corrosion and damage through effective design. Because we do all of this work at one location, we are able to monitor the entire process to provide you with consistent results each and every time.

Call Silver City Aluminum by dialing 508-542-7200. Our facility is located in New England, however, we provide services to clients all around the globe. Call today to learn more about designing your own custom aluminum dies or to hear about the benefits of aluminum products used to create consumer goods.