Custom Aluminum Solutions for the New England Marine Industry

One of the most important materials that is changing the way transportation functions around the globe is aluminum. Traditional aluminum frames can be used to replace steel framing, reducing the weight of marine vessels considerably. Not only will this reduce fuel consumption, but it also makes the products, components, and other elements used in the marine industry much more sustainable. There are many other advantages associated with using aluminum in the New England marine industry and for marine products all around the globe. Natural anti-corrosion properties, the ability to prevent corrosion through design with custom extrusion profiles, and custom aluminum coating solutions, help to extend the life of products made for the marine industry considerably.

Improved Boat Design
One of the ways that the aluminum industry has benefited the marine industry is in improved boat design. Extrusion and other manufacturing methods have helped in the construction of many different types of vessels. The versatility of aluminum, combined with its low weight to strength ratio, helps to make it a preferred choice for many designers and marine companies alike.

Some of the vessels that use aluminum in their design, include:

  • work boats
  • luxury vessels
  • fishing boats
  • patrol boats
  • small leisure boats
  • personal watercraft

When it comes to the construction of these vessels, the use of traditional aluminum frames and custom profiles engineered to prevent corrosion through design is ideal. In fact, the New England marine industry and boat manufacturers around the globe are now using aluminum extrusion components and parts to build some of the largest high-speed passenger vessels and automobile ferries ever built. This is due to the advantages associated with aluminum as a material, which provides high strength, malleability, and easy joining for truly custom results.

Protection for Marine Use
In addition to the natural anti-corrosion properties of aluminum, it is possible to further protect parts, components, and elements of marine vessels through the use of custom aluminum coating solutions. Powder-coating and anodizing, as well as the painting of aluminum parts, is used across many different industries. For those who appreciate the look and reflective nature of aluminum, clear coatings are available as well.

  • Powder Coating – At Silver City Aluminum, we work with a variety of powder coaters and anodizers to provide our clients with a truly custom finish. Whether you want to make improvements to the look or feel of the product, or if you simply want to increase the protective nature of the component, our team can help you to achieve your goals. Because we do everything in-house at our one stop shop facility, the lead time for adding custom aluminum coating solutions is cut considerably.
  • Anodizing – Long and short pieces can be anodized at our facility, either in a big or a small run of extrusion. This occurs after the extrusion and fabrication process has been completed. Choose from clear anodizing, black anodizing or any type of multi-color combination. Custom anodizing finishes are also available upon request to help you create a truly unique look for your marine industry products.
  • Painting – We are serious about our paint line, which runs almost non-stop. We strive to provide each and every client with professional, consistent results. Our pre-wash process is a four-step system, designed to properly prepare your parts and components for the best adhesion and results. We use a polycron application for the actual paint, which can be in an unlimited array of standard and custom colors.

Aluminum Extrusion for the Marine Industry
When it comes down to choosing the best materials for your marine industry project, it pays to learn a little bit about aluminum and all it has to offer. Aluminum is popular in the marine industry for a number of reasons, including the fact that it is very light weight, has an excellent strength to weight ratio, has a high resistance to corrosion in marine environments, can be formed in just about any manner you desire, including extrusion, and is very easy to fabricate into just about any shape you could ever want. Custom aluminum coating solutions, secondary operations, and other custom options can also be used to further customize your results. When you think about extrusion, know that there is much more to it than just traditional aluminum frames, rods, and bars.

Contact Silver City Aluminum to place your order or to learn more about how you can use custom profiles and dies to prevent corrosion through design. You can reach our team by calling 508-824-8631 or by using our online contact form to submit an order.